#6 MADHUMITA : Struggling Love

Madhumita did her morning ritual with full enthusiasm but Aarav was not involved that day. He was trying to find out the reason of his queries. Is he really GOOD FOR NOTHING ?….. Is Madhu now attracted towards Rohit?…… Was she only involved for casual sex with him or it was because she found him worth loving?…… What was the thing that Madhu wanted to tell?……Was it that she is attracted towards Rohit because he looks better than him and rich also?……. Why is he feeling jealous when he is seeing Madhu getting close to Rohit?…….. IS IT because of LOVE….Amidst so much of brain storming questions ,he tried to calm himself…. ‘Why am I giving it so much attention , it was only a lunch and nothing else. I should not be concerned much……lets see, what happens…’

Now, Madhu was left alone in her room for few months. Days passed as routine. She continued her morning workouts with Aarav. Sometimes, Aarav would skip, but she did follow it religiously. Madhu started to have evening tea in canteen with Rohit, as Aarav was irregular in college and Rohit would daily catch her up after class. She started chatting more frequently with Rohit. Aarav noted her increased proximity with Rohit these days. Many times Aarav tried to ask her , what she wanted to tell that day, but was afraid that how Madhu will react. After all they both are in a non committed relationship. If he tries to enter her space, may be Madhu will get furious and now as she has another option with her , Rohit, she may pull herself out of their duo. So he was now , for the first time in their long and beautiful relationship was feeling insecure. Insecure , because he was worried that may be after asking Madhu about Rohit, she may say …’its over between us, thanks Aarav for your wonderful support’. Uptill now, Madhu and Aarav would share any damn thing and would talk on any topic with utmost ease. But now, Aarav was getting conscious to ask Madhu about her view on Rohit and also about their own relationship.

Aarav started avoiding Madhu these days. He stopped replying to Madhu’s calls and messages, or reply them very late that too deliberatly. He stopped liking the posts of Madhu on social media and it was also deliberate. But he became restless and irritable. While talking to Madhu, he used to always fight with himself , and many times he used to shout on Madhu on  things which were not of any significance. Madhu did realise that Aarav’s behaviour has changed, but she did not ask him because she was perturbed, may be he is having some conflict with his dad which he never talked about, as final exams are coming. In fact , she was conscious that as he is now a days too irritable and as he is too kiddish and impulsive, he may quit their relationship out of rage as he did in BBQN few days back. Madhu too was feeling now insecure in her relationship with Aarav and did not want to talk about anything that may irritate Aarav. Madhu did try to tell him about her and Rohit’s incidence that happened on his birthday more than a year ago. But as she was concerned now, she was fretful about his reaction and may be he breaks up with her. She was aware about his anger in BBQN. Although that day when Aarav raised questions on her character, she kept calm. But she was hurt and  she even  realised that Aarav in anger can say anything. May be everytime she cannot keep herself calm and cool. She was distraught about the consequences if both of them loose their temper simultaneously. So, she thought, its better not to tell about her past, about Rohit to him. As they are not committied, and may be she will tell when time and situation permits and now they must focus on final exams and nothing else. She was also giving more time and attention to her CAT preparation.

On the day of opening ceremony of Asian Games, Aarav texted Madhu, ‘meet me in canteen at 4 pm’

He went to canteen that day, with enough courage to tell Madhu that he wants to be committed in their relationship. He wants Madhu as his life partner because he is deeply in love with her. Only 3 months were left for their exams and he does not want to loose her. When he entered the canteen, he saw Madhu sitting with Rohit. Although he was displeased to see them together, he went and joined them.

“Hi Aarav, we were waiting for you. Madhu did tell that you will be coming” Rohit tried to shake hand but Aarav did ignore. Madhu noted that Aarav is not in good mood, reason she could not make out. May be, his equation with his dad getting worse as exams are nearing. Madhu diverted their conversation towards opening ceremony of Asian Games, where Natasha and Vishal are upto to prove themselves.

Madhu initiated “Hey guys, Asian Games are starting today. Natasha and Vishal will be in the Indian Team . It will be great to watch them”

“Yaa, why don’t you join me at my home. We will watch it together on my home theater system” replied Rohit

“Wow, great. What do you say Aarav, shall we join him” Madhu was excited

“I have some important work, you two enjoy. It will be better if I stay away, your enjoyment will get doubled” Aarav replied in a sarcastic way.

Madhu could not understand him “how it will get double without you Aarav? “

“Rohit will explain and demonstrate this to you in detail , at his house, when you two will be alone” Aarav looked at Rohit and got up in rage and left the canteen.

Now, Madhu did realise what Aarav was tonting. ‘OMG, how can he even think like this. Does he think I am available for everyone ‘ she was in agony. ‘Why Aarav is being judgemental about me’. She did notice that Rohit was smiling. She was distressed, how can Aarav say like this in front of someone else ‘Go and get fu#ked by him’. It was really a moment of embarrassment for her.

Rohit took advantage of the situation “see, once I told you, that you are dating the wrong person. Your boyfriend is good for nothing”

On hearing this Madhu replied in a firm voice.. “I did tell you earlier also that Aarav is not my boyfriend. He is my friend. And what do you mean by dating the wrong person. Then who according to you is the right person to date “

“of course ME ” Rohit was very clear in his voice.

“Oooooo, really…’ Madhu replied in irritation.

“Yes baby, you too know this. We are perfect for each other” Rohit placed his right hand on Madhu’s left hand

Madhu immediately withdrew her hand and said “Yes of course I very well know one thing. Anyone  can be the right person for me, but its definitely not you Mr Rohit.”

“Why Madhu, we have such a good chemistry. We both understand each other. Dear we were together for almost 9 months. You were so happy with me. I realised about my feelings towards you when we were not together. I missed you, your presence around me, your care. I missed you badly Madhu. I can not forget my birthday night, your touch, your breath…… The love we made together……. I still miss it……. Lets go tonight at my house Madhu. I really want to love you. I want to re-live that moment again and again Madhu”

“Shut up Rohit….please” Madhu was now red faced.

” It would have been a great experience for you, but it was not good for me ……. infact it was the worst experience” Madhu was now vexed.

” Worst experience……But Madhu you did enjoy. I saw it on your face that night…..” Rohit tried to convince her

“Yes, you saw it on my face, because I did not want to hurt you on your birthday. I did not enjoy that night. You want to know why? Because I could not reach it during any of three. ” Madhu was firm in her response.

” What? ……it’s not possible,……. I can’t believe……… How’s it possible that you did not enjoy with me…..with ME……..no…no.. you are lying…..” Rohit stumbled on hearing his incapability to take a girl to that level.

“Why will I lie. If I would have enjoyed it, I would have tried it again, right. But I did not. Isn’t it evident to you. Now also, did I ever try to be with you. It’s true, I did not enjoy that day, I could not reach it, but as it was your birthday,….. I did not let you know. I do understand how you males are so much conscious about your performance in bed……. But, yes, I was not satisfied. So, You are never an option for me for sure. I am sorry, I would have never told you this, but as you are getting so pushy……I have to reveal the truth” Madhu tried to explain Rohit and also provided solace too.

“But….I thought….. that’s why you tried to avoid me…… OMG…. NO…… ” Rohit had no words.

Madhu stood up and placed her right hand on Rohit’s left shoulder while standing by his side. She tried to sympathize with him ” Don’t worry Rohit. Its not a big issue. It only means that we are not made for each other, you know …..compatibility issues. You may find a suitable girl, whom you can satisfy…. I hope you understand” .

She was feeling victorious in her mind and to finish herself she continued ” we can be only friends, nothing beyond that” and left the canteen.

While leaving canteen, Madhu was feeling glorious as she succeeded in what she was planning since the day of marathon. When Rohit tried to outshine Aarav , she immediately decided that she will hurt Rohit at right place ,right issue, where it will harm the most. She knew that Rohit is a womanizer and to raise questions on his ability to satisfy a woman in bed, will hurt his ego the most. It will cause a continuous ache for long in his life, may be life long. And she proved right.

But she was distraught by Aarav’s behavior. She could not enjoy what she did with Rohit, because she felt crippled by Aarav. Also she was exasperated by him, how can he be judgemental and how can he raise questions on her character. There was so much to think about, that she felt hammering in her head. She could not make out how to react. Celebrate her victory over Rohit or should she cry for Aarav or give a tight slap to Aarav. She missed Natasha at this moment. But, she has to face her life challenges by herself. Natasha can not be present to rescue her through out her life. She skipped the tuition that evening. She tried calling Aarav, but he did not reply.

She texted him messages, but he did not reply. She even missed her dinner that night. She was looking at her mobile continuosly, waiting for Aarav’s reply. At every notification , she did grab her phone thinking that its Aarav, but everytime she proved wrong. Sometimes she use to cry, at other time she use to feel furious over Aarav, that why he reacted like this. Atleast he can reply to her messages. He should give her a chance to explain everything. Thinking all this, when she slept, she herself did not realise.

Next day, she woke up late. Her eyes swollen , reddened and feeling dry. She got up, checked her mobile, there was no reply from Aarav. She went to wash room. There she looked herself in the mirror. She asked herself,….. What happened wrong and where? What if she would have told Aarav earlier that what is her plan about Rohit?…………… She replied to herself, ‘may be he would have supported her or may be he would have reacted the same as he did react now’

Then she again asked herself…. Can it be undone now?…. She got the reply…. NO, nothing can be undone.

Her next question was……What next?….. and the reply she got from within was ‘Move on….what else’

She again asked herself ……’Really, is it so simple?’…. and she asked a question in reply ‘Do you have any other option? Tell me what next?’

Her answer was “NO, I have no idea about what to do now……Yeah JUST MOVE ON”

She decided that she will not contact Aarav again. She will focus on her final graduation exams and also start preparing for CAT. She knew , its difficult but there is no option left with her. She remembered that how Natasha motivated her to move on when she was depressed after Rohit’s incidence. That time also , it looked like impossible. But the word impossible became I M POSSIBLE. With time and determination every thing is possible. Moreover, now hardly 3 months are remaining for exams. It will not be as difficult as it was on first time. She washed her face, made up her mind. Now, she will not text or call Aarav. ‘Its not that whatever he did was right. He knew me for so long. He has no right to demean me. Still I tried contacting him. I opted to explain him, but he did not give me a single chance. What he said about me was also not right. Still I apologized to him. I gave more importance to him rather than my self esteem. But, may be he doesn’t deserve it. I will now, never call or text him.’

Madhu tried to concentrate on her studies and morning workout. After 7 days, the D day for Natasha came. Madhu was following the Asian Games. She missed her classes that day. And followed Natasha’s event. To everyone’s surprise, Natasha won the gold medal in 200 m run. Madhumita could not believe herself. She was so happy. She texted congratulations message to Natasha. She was so excited that she again tried to call Aarav. She thought may be hearing this news, his anger gets little lower, as Natasha was his school mate. But Aarav did not reply to any of her messages or call even after 7 days of that incident. Now, she was sure that Aarav’s ego is far superior to satisfy. Now, she was even more convinced that moving on is the only option she is left with.

Next day, Natasha won her second gold medal in 400 m run too. It was a historic moment. Whole country congratulated her. Everywhere, people were praising Natasha.  Vishal too grabbed a Gold in 400 m run. Natasha did call Madhu after reading her messages. She was too excited.

‘Hi Madhu, thankyou so much for your messages’

‘Natasha, my jaan, I told you na, you will make us and the whole nation proud’ Madhu replied in ecstasy. ‘when are you coming back dear, I can’t wait to hug you’

‘Thanks Madhu, lets see, I have my return flight a day later. I am receiving so many messages dear. My dream came true. I also want to hug you. OK bye. Short interaction with media today is planned by team and I am going there, later, we will go to visit the city. Me and Vishal have our flights tomorrow. See you soon dear’ Natasha’s voice was filled with overwhelming joy.

The energy of Natasha was infectious and had positive impact on Madhu. She thought, ‘Natasha did achieve her goal, Vishal sir too. Now, its my turn to prove myself. I will turn upside down but will clear IIM .’ Now, she was boosted with the will to shine. She missed Aarav, but remained stable and did console herself that no looking back. Just focus on your journey with aim at her next destination.

After 15 days, Natasha visited the campus. She was followed by media everywhere. She was now the star. As she belonged to Haryana, the State Government did announce so many things for her. One of them was DySP in Haryana Police. She also went to meet President and Prime Minister. Every news channel was running her story of struggle. She had very less personal time in college as well. But she managed to meet her bestie, Madhu.

“Hi Madhu, how are you, its so long” Natasha hugged Madhu

“Yaa, Natasha. Congratulations once again dear. You really did wonders and now life’s all set, DySP madam” Madhu giggled.

“How’s Aarav. He did not reply to my messages and did not reply even to my calls” Natasha asked

“I don’t know. He is also not responding to my calls. Leave it. He may be having some issues with his dad, which he may be trying to cope up with” Madhu replied and did not tell anything to Natasha. She thought why to remember and discuss a thing which brings sorrow and grief.

Natasha whispered in her ears “I will come to give only exams. You know, I am getting some offers for advertisements also” and smiled with sparkle in her eyes.

waah, star jo ban gayi ab tu. 2 gold medals in Asian Games, koi choti baat thode hi hai” Madhu patted her back.

Natasha did leave the college. But again, she infused positivity in Madhu, which she needed badly. Now, she was involved through out the day with herself. Morning ritual as usual, followed by college and tuition at evening. Aarav stopped coming to ground in morning for workouts.

It was difficult for Madhu to come out of trauma of technical breakup, but she was getting stronger day by day. She focused on exams. Days passed and exams started. Natasha too joined Madhu in her room for exams. These were their last few days together.

Madhu had to face Aarav during exams as their center was in same room. But both of them maintained not to have eye contact with each other. No greetings, no smiles, both of them reacted in a way as the other one doesn’t exist. Madhu was firm now, a strong girl, who can hide her emotions behind her grim facial mask.

It was the last exam of Madhu. She was getting ready. Natasha received a phone call from her mother.

“Hello mummy, good morning” Natasha greeted on mobile…… “What?…. How?…… Oh my God!!…” Natasha looked tensed while communication… And she was just listening her mother… with intermittent ‘hmm’…

“OK mummy, if you get to know anything else, let me know, its really sad” Natasha completed her conversation.

Madhu asked “what happened Natasha, everything OK”

“No, not OK” Natasha had tears in her eyes. She continued “Aarav….”

Madhu could not resist herself “What happened to Aarav, is he Ok, please tell me” she came close to Natasha and looked anxious.

“Aarav’s mother expired yesterday afternoon ” Said Natasha

“What!!! How?… Yesterday morning only, he revealed his identity on his insta account……” Madhu replied. Although to everyone she was showing her firm attitude, but daily she was following Aarav on social media. She stopped liking or commenting on his posts, but she was a genuine regular follower. Just to keep an eye on her love, the love which was not revealed to anyone, not even to Aarav.

“Aarav went yesterday evening to his house after the news. It was a sudden death, may be heart attack as reported in news paper. Aarav did not stay at home. He returned back at night. His equation with his dad was dependent only on his mother. Aarav avoided interaction with his dad always. It was his mother, only his mother, he was really dependent upon. She was the only support. Uncle is too strict. How he must be now, Aarav is a kid at heart. He is too impulsive. I hope he is fine. Let me call him” Natasha was concerned about her friend. Madhumita’s eyes too filled with tears. She left a message on his WhatsApp ‘sorry to hear about your mom. Please meet me after exam’. She noted that the message was delivered and was even seen. But there was no reply.

Natasha called Aarav “Hi Aarav. Sorry to hear about aunty”

Aarav interrupted ” Ok, meet me in canteen after exam is over” and disconnected.

Natasha told Aarav that he did call her in canteen post their exam. Madhu told Natasha that she will also join them. Both agreed. Madhu was saddened by the news, although she pretended that she moved on, but in this time of grief, she wanted to be with Aarav. She knows the importance of friends support system, how these support system helps you in time of distress. Although time is the biggest healer, but to go through that time, if you have strong and supportive friends, it becomes easier. In this crucial time, she wanted to extend her full support to her hidden love, Aarav.

In exam hall, she waited for Aarav. He did arrive at the last moment, and did not look towards her. When exam was over, Aarav left the room very quickly. Madhu tried to talk to him, but her class mates started discussing the questions and she thought that she will catch him up in canteen. She even felt that this is not the right place to confront him.

She hurried to canteen after exchanging greetings with all her classmates, as this was the last day together. Aarav was sitting in canteen with Natasha. Aarav facing towards canteen entry and Natasha’s back towards it. He saw Madhu entering canteen. He looked towards his lap and told Natasha “Ask her to leave, or I will leave”

Natasha looked back, she noticed Madhu is coming towards them. “why Aarav… What happened between you two?”

“Just do what I say or I will leave” Aarav repeated again

“She really cares for you Aarav. She is worried about you….” Natasha tried to sort out things but did not succeed.

Madhu reached the table, and stood near Natasha. “Hi Aarav… Sorry to hear…” she was interrupted by Aarav, his right palm facing towards her face “Leave now” his face was still facing his lap. “I dont want to hear a single word from you”

Madhu looked at Natasha, her eyes filled with tears, face confused and body language pleading that please let me be here. But Natasha in her gesture advised her to leave. Madhu looked back again at Aarav, his gaze did not change. She could not control her tears rolling down her cheeks and she took herself out of canteen and certainly out of life of Aarav for sure..

Why did Aarav and Madhu felt insecure in their relationship, Is love really weak?…

Why did it matter to Aarav, what other’s opine about him. Why he could not trust Madhu?

What would have happened at Aarav’s house, cause of his mother’s death, was it really natural?….

What happens next in journey of life of Madhumita?….. Did she gets her goal, her love, both or nothing… We will see in next chapter…..

Till then lets have a look on what makes us insecure in our life, Is love really weak or a strong bond………with lots of love to my readers πŸ’•πŸ’•

#5 MADHUMITA : Feeling Insecure…. Is It Love?

Madhumita and Aarav enjoyed each others company on that rainy day along with the shoot. They both stayed at Neeta’s house that night. Next day also they worked together and edited the pics as well. In the evening Neeta returned with the family. She was really impressed with the work Aarav showed her. “Madhu, dear you look amazing and Aarav you present her so sensuous, that too without revealing her face. You are better than what I thought earlier. Your pics are really doing wonders and I am getting pretty wonderful response and orders too. They handed her the pen drive with images and her house keys and left for their hostel.

Days passed and Aarav and Madhumita lived their lives and were determined enough towards their goals (although they never told each other about these goals). Madhumita used to take daily tuition and the number of children increased and her monthly income did rise to 30 thousand , which she was saving in her account for future. Aarav got few more projects with Neeta’s referral and also because of his Instagram account. He did shoot for some restaurants and also few other boutiques. And both of them use to have sex whenever time and situation did permit , but the condition remained same, that is no commitment.

Aarav was getting offers as assistant to big fashion photographers too. But he was waiting for the right time and he did never reveal anyone about what is the right time, not even with Natasha or Madhumita.

Madhumita took care of his studies and assignments as well. But this year Aarav became more irregular in his classes because he was more involved in his passion. He was also having faith in Madhumita, that she will help him out in final year as well. She proved a real good friend, of course with benefits. All these days made her grow and mature enough that she is now focused towards her goal, her career and everything other than this was never a matter of concern to her.

Three months passed. After her class, Madhumita was waiting for Aarav in the canteen. She was busy with her book while waiting for Aarav. As she looked up, Rohit was standing beside her. She got a little shocked to see Rohit, as she did not expect him.

“Oh!!! Hi Rohit, what’s up” Madhu started conversation.

“Fine, absolutely” replied Rohit “May I sit here” pointing towards the chair next to her.

“Oh, sure. But I am expecting Aarav, he will be coming soon. Till then you may sit Rohit” replied Madhu with a smile.

“Thanks Madhu, hows life going” Rohit tried to continue conversation as Madhu was involved in her books.

Madhu closed her books and replied with soberity “Everything is PERFECT Rohit, you say”

“So you are hooked up with Aarav nowadays, right” Rohit asked being straight forward.

Madhu did laugh and replied “Ohh!!! So this is the gossiping now a days in campus, interesting”

“Gossiping? what do you mean by gossiping? Everyone knows that what’s going on between you and Aarav” Rohit continued.

“Oooo, really, tell me, whats going on between me n him” Madhu was now a little serious.

“You both are dating and hooked up. And that’s why you avoid me” Rohit showed a little anger.

“Ohh!! Really, I can feel someone is feeling jealous” replied Madhumita while raising her eyebrows as questioning Rohit. She was trying to keep the conversation light.

“Why will I be jealous Madhu. I am just concerned about you. You are my friend, that’s why. What did you see in that Aarav, he is a looser and good for nothing. Everyone in college knows this” Rohit tried to show concern while putting his right hand at Madhumita’s left shoulder.

Madhumita looked at Rohit’s hand and lifted it with her right hand and placed it back on Rohit’s lap “Thanks Rohit for showing this much concern, but don’t mind I can very well think about what’s good or bad for me. I am very clear about my goals and am pretty clear about what I am doing. I am not a kid Rohit. You need not worry about me” replied Madhu with a dignified smile.

She continued “And by the way, why you felt that I am ignoring you. I always greet you whenever we come across, don’t I?” raising her right eyebrow in question while looking directly into Rohit’s eyes.

“Yaa….., but you don’t reply to my messages” Rohit got irritated.

“Which messages Rohit, I always reply to your messages, just check them” Madhumita was very firm in her tone now.

She continued “you don’t have to worry about me Rohit. Please, did I ever question you about whom you dated in past or present. That’s your personal life. Yaa, its true that once we had sex that too because of influence of alcohol. You were apologitic for the same. Did I even blame you for that, I forgot it and moved forward. We remained friends after that too. And please be a little introspective Rohit, you avoided me after that night, that incident. I had typhoid and did you ever call me then? You yourself avoided me, now when you are feeling that I am dating Aarav, you are feeling jealous. Its simple to understand. Let me be very clear I am not dating anyone, I don’t think about getting hooked up. I am pretty clear why I am here and I am dedicated towards my goals only. Even if, I date someone, why do you think that I will let you or anyone in this college know. I am not answerable to you for sure. ” Madhumita replied very straight forward and it was almost like a spank to Rohit.

Rohit stood up and left the canteen in rage. Aarav was entering the canteen and saw Rohit getting up from Madhumita’s table. On the way Aarav greeted Rohit “Hi Rohit, what’s up bro”

Rohit gave a stare look to Aarav while walking off the canteen. Aarav understood that something grim happened in between Rohit and Madhumita. He took his chair in front of Madhumita “sorry Madhu darling, I got little late”

koi ni, its good that you were late, somethings got clear infact” giggled Madhumita and looked back towards the gate, making sure that Rohit left the canteen.

“by the way, if you want to share, you can tell me what happened just now,…. I mean he was too furious while leaving, did not even answer to my HI” winked Aarav with a naughty smile.

Mujhe gyaan de raha tha, kamina kahi ka, mot#erf#cΒ£er” replied Madhumita in a relaxing pose.

“Oooooo teri, bhaaari, must be some serious issue” surprised Aarav hearing Madhumita using words in a DON way.

“Yaa, of course. Was saying… don’t date Aarav, he is good for nothing” said Madhu and laughed.

“Hmm, what did you say then?” asked Aarav.

“I said we are not dating, we are friends” Madhu replied while calming in her chair. She added “we are fu#king friends” and both of them gave a high five and laughed.

Madhumita was feeling victorious that evening because she never ever thought that she will manage to be with Rohit like this, spanking him by her words, making him walk away. It was her inner fear ‘how will you react Madhu if Rohit comes close to you’. Today she conquered her fear. ‘OMG, he touched you Madhu, and you removed his hand off yourself’ and moreover she felt like a victorious queen ‘wow, you even talked with him about that night, which made you thought once that your life is over’. She was happy that she could put the blame of being ignorant on him. It was the most joyous moment for her ‘you are pretty cool girl, now ready for your goals and everything else is secondary, bravo!!!!’

Next day morning while going to the workout, Madhu did tell the entire incidence of canteen to Natasha. Natasha commented “meri dost kaanta ho gayi, aiso ki to hamesha KLPD karni chahiye” both laughed and started with their daily routine including stretching and warm up exercises. Aarav came late that morning. Till then Madhu ran with Natasha and Vishal. Vishal noticed that Madhumita’s endurance is quite good. She did complete 8 km run in 50 minutes only and that too without getting tired. After that she started with her yoga and was joined by Aarav. After the completion of his morning routine, Vishal went where both were sitting and said “Madhu, do you run this much daily”

“yaa, infact we both run this much daily” replied Madhumita.

“Ohh!! Great. I have an idea for you then, if you want to know then you both have to give me a treat in canteen in the evening. Me and Natasha both” Vishal gave them an option.

“Sirji, anything for you” both Madhumita and Aarav replied in a chorus and looked at each other. All four decided to meet in canteen in the evening.

All four gathered in the evening. When they reached the canteen, Rohit was sitting with his friend. Madhu greeted Rohit from far. Rohit ignored her. Soon he finished with his coffee and left the canteen. As soon as he did leave, Natasha looked at Madhu with her eyes wide open and they both smiled at each other, as if they are celebrating their another victory.

Aarav and Madhu served the orders. “have this, your idli with sambhar sirji” Aarav served Vishal. Madhu served Natasha and Vishal their favourite cold coffee. “Natasha, your half fry omelette will take 5 minutes darling” said Madhu.

As soon as they started to enjoy their favourite items, Aarav initiated “bolo sirji, we are waiting for your idea”

“No, No….. First let my omelette be served….. , relax Aarav, whats the hurry yaar” interrupted Natasha.

Soon, Madhu served her. “Now tell sirji” Natasha smiled.

“OK, actually I saw Madhu running today and her endurance too. I really think that she should participate in half marathons, that happens across India.” Vishal shared his idea.

“Sirji, today I was late. But I also run same with her daily. I too have a great stamina” Aarav interrupted.

“OK, this idea is for both of you” laughed Natasha while having a bite of her omelette.

“Its great. Never thought about it. But half marathon will be too much. Its approximately 21 kms, right” Madhumita was concerned.

“Yes, but you can start with 10 km run” Vishal explained “If you run 10 km, soon you both will start running 21 kms as well with ease, its not that difficult. Full marathon is different. If you want, you can participate in Delhi Half Marathon, scheduled next month. Apply in 10 km run. Its upto you guys”

“Yaa, good idea, what’s your opinion Aarav, we can try it. Its in Delhi only, so don’t have to go anywhere.” Madhumita did sound excited.

“Moreover, you will have a reason to roam to various cities across India for participating in different half marathons. you will meet different people, have new friends and followers” Natasha added.

“Yaa, sure. Lets get registered” Aarav replied.

“Hey Natasha, how’s your preparations for upcoming Asian Games yaar. Only 2 months remaining.” asked Aarav.

“Yaa, pretty well” replied Natasha with thumbs up.

“I know how much you are determined and dedicated Natasha. You will make us and the whole nation proud” Madhu showed trust in Natasha.

“Thanks yaar, Next week we both are leaving for regular practice with National team coach. Games are very close and we have to follow the protocols” replied Natasha.

“Best of luck to both of you and if you finish in stipulated time, you will also receive medals and certificates” Vishal wished both Madhu and Aarav luck for Delhi half marathon.

“Yaa, thanks Vishal sirji, we will see the details and get ourselves registered. It will keep us motivated for maintaining our health and we will learn something from this, also we will be able to various places” Aarav hugged Vishal while saying and all of them left the canteen.

Next day, Aarav registered himself and Madhumita online. He called Madhumita “Hi, we both are registered now for 10 km run. I did it, will send you the screen shot”

“OK” replied Madhumita

“listen……, when are you buying your new camera, so that I can get yours permanently” continued Madhu

“next month, on my birthday” replied Aarav “my mother is giving me the birthday gift”

“Oh!!! great, what do you want gift from me on your birthday” Madhu asked from other side.

tu to bahut de rahi hai meri jaan” replied Aarav being naughty

“I am not your jaan. Its for both. So, I will have to wait for around 2 weeks for owning my own DSLR” Madhu replied.

“you will get before our marathon” replied Aarav

“Ok, I am waiting” Madhu sighed.

Madhu was really waiting since long for her 1st DSLR, although second hand, but she considered that too as an advantage. She will get the camera of Aarav, whom she can ask all the basics and details of clicking good images. Although she learned a lot from him while modelling with him. She also used his camera for clicking, but it was all under supervision of him. Now, she can get use to it, in her last 5 months of graduation. She was really excited as these may be the only months left with her friends in this campus. After completion of graduation what all of them will opt, only time will tell. She is sure to opt for postgraduation but she is still not decided about doing MBA in finance or post graduation in research analysis . She never discussed it with anyone. She was more interesetd in doing MBA. Aarav never discussed what he is looking upto. His IPS dad wants him to appear in Civil Services, he wants same or not, no one knows. Natasha’s decision depends on whats her performance in upcoming Asian games. So, Madhumita wanted to capture as many pics as possible to create her lifetime memories with her friends and campus.

Natasha packed her bags and was ready to leave hostel to join the National team. While leaving she hugged Madhu and said “I know you are grown up girl now…., but still I am saying…., continue to grow my dear. Take life as a challenge and never fear. You are my strong girl. Always be ready for the change and don’t forget to keep all options open. ”

” Sure Natasha, its because of you only, that I am living my life. You changed my attitude dear. My best wishes are always with you.” Madhu replied with a smile of gratitude.

Natasha left the hostel. Now, she will be giving her best efforts with all the athletes along with Vishal. Its going to be her first international experience. But as she trained with Vishal, she was confident enough to get a podium finish.

One week later, on his birthday, Aarav too went to his hometown, to celebrate it with his family, particularly with his mother, as his father was out of town for few days for official work. When he returned back, he took Madhumita for the dinner at The Lalit, Connaught Place , to celebrate his belated birthday. While having dinner, Aarav did show Madhu a pack of chocolate sauce.

“what’s this?” asked Madhu

“Dessert for tonight” Aarav winked at Madhu

“Oooooo……., so we are going at your place tonight” Madhu said

“Don’t you want to give me my birthday gift ? ” said Aarav and continued ” and your return gift as well, you are waiting for so long”

” Hey, your camera is my earned thing. I worked as model for your project. Its not a gift, I did earn it by my hard work” Madhu was explaining ” although my work made many things even harder” and winked with a naughty smile

” make mine harder tonight, please ” Aarav was getting witty

” of course, Chocolate is my favourite and also buy vanilla icecream for better experience” Madhu replied with a sensuous smile.

After dinner, they went to Aarav’s room, as Madhu wanted to give him a birthday gift. On the way, Aarav bought Vanilla Icecream as desired by Madhu. For Aarav and Madhu, what’s better than being together post a romantic dinner and having so much horny ideas to celebrate probably the last birthday of Aarav together in the campus. So, both of them decided to make it a special one.

Next day morning, they both did escape their morning ritual as they were busy in another ritual together. While leaving after making love, Aarav handed over the DSLR to Madhu. “Thank you Madhu for being with me and this wonderful birthday gift” Aarav kissed on her right cheek.

“I also got my return gift dear” winked Madhu and put her lips on his chest, kissed and held him at his back. Then she lifted her head and looked at his face and gave a smile of contentment. Aarav kissed her forehead, holding her face in his palms and said “now you leave dear, otherwise ek aur session ho jayega, feel it, its getting harder again” he caressed her hairs back with his fingers, showering his love on the beauty.

“hmm” replied Madhu nodding her head in acceptance. She continued “Next sunday is our run dear, don’t forget”

“Yaa, of course, lets see. It will be altogether a different experience” replied Aarav wearing his T-shirt.

On Sunday, they both reached Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, almost 30 minutes before scheduled time. They did collect their event kit the prior evening. Madhu wore her black trackpant with the T-shirt provided in the kit. Her hairs made to a french pleat. Aarav wore his black shorts with the event T-shirt. When they were waiting for the start, Madhu noted that Rohit is also there along with his friend.

Their run started with flag off. They enjoyed the run and got clicked in between by the professionals. Madhu finished it in 70 minutes and Aarav in around 60 minutes. At the finish line, they got clicked again. As they were collecting their medals and certificates, Rohit came and showed his certificate stating time as 54 minutes. He tried to outshine Aarav stating “See, I did complete in less time as compared to Aarav”

Madhumita immediately replied “Wow, Rohit… I guess among all of us you finished fastest”

“Yes of course, even he finished after me” Rohit pointed at his friend.

“Really amazing dear, lets celebrate. Hey Aarav, Rohit is best among us today in this run. He is throwing a treat to celebrate this. Lets go for a lunch treat.” Madhu tried to show that she is really impressed by Rohit, or may be she was really impressed.

By this response of Madhu, Rohit got the boost he was wanting. He warmly hugged Madhu and replied “thanks Madhu. As you wish, lets have a lunch together”

“ofcourse Rohit, we all three will accompany you in your celebration” Madhu was quick in her reply.

All four went to their respective rooms to get ready. It wad decided that Rohit will pick them on his way. Madhu wore the same red net dress which Rohit did gift her around 2 years ago. Rohit smiled at Madhu, while she was sitting in his car’s front seat “looking fabulous, as always” he commented while she was wearing seat belt.

Madhu did say nothing but a broad smile she did flaunt at Rohit. Then they both picked Aarav and another friend of Rohit. “So, what’s the venue” asked Madhu looking at Rohit.

“where ever you say” replied Rohit hitting a smile back.

“hmm, so guys you suggest something. How will be BBQN” she gave her opinion.

Rohit’s friend immediately replied “yaa, best idea”

“OK, lets go to BBQN” Rohit replied

Aarav was sitting idle, not much interested.

They reached there and took a table for 4. Aarav was expecting Madhumita to sit with him. But she preferred sitting with Rohit and in front of Aarav.

Madhu ordered cocktail for herself and rest 3 ordered beer for themselves. While enjoying the starters, Rohit was taking special care of Madhu. Aarav felt a little uncomfortable seeing Madhumita with Rohit as she was with ease in Rohit’s company. ‘How can she be so comfortable with Rohit. Is she attracted towards him. May be yes. He is smart and rich. May be Madhu is impressed by him. But still….how can she do all this in front of me…. yaa.. there is no commitment…but still she should not flirt in front of me….. it would have been better to have missed this lunch today….’ – thought Aarav.

Madhu could judge Aarav’s state of mind. She tried to involve him as well in the talks. She even tried to convince him by her eyes and gestures that everything is OK and he try to be comfortable, but all in vain. After done with starters, Madhu went to buffet counter and while leaving she signaled Aarav to follow her a little later. When she was at buffet counter, Aarav left the table and went there. “what are you doing, chad gayi hai kya tujhe. Itna lift kyu de rahi hai usko” Aarav looked angry over Madhumita.

“Hold on Aarav, why are you so furious. I am trying to convince you that relax and chill, still you are not getting it” Madhu tried to calm him.

“How can I relax and chill. He is touching you repeatedly. He is getting so close to you. I can’t bear with all these things, why did you ask him for this stupid party. As if we are dying to get this. Have we never been to BBQN and various other places” Aarav was in no mood to listen. He continued “Or are you really impressed that he finished better than me, so may be he is better in bed too. Thats why you are trying to get close to him” Aarav was totally out of his senses seeing Madhumita getting close to another guy. He was so furious that he himself did not know what he is saying.

Madhu was calm enough. She was aware of his state of mind and the feeling of jealous that he is going through. In her heart, infact, she was happy to see Aarav’s reaction when she was giving attention to another guy. It fulfilled her ego too. A boy she is having sex with, that too without commitment, is now being possessive for her. It made her feel really special. She did not mind a single word of Aarav. Moreover she enjoyed getting attention of two boys at the same time.

“There is something that I will tell you later, you please control yourself. Its evident from your face, that you are being jealous. Please believe me. Will explain you everything later.” Madhu held his hand in hers, caressing with her fingers and looking straight in his eyes. She was successful too in getting him calm down.

Madhumita took for herself noodles and strawberry pastry. Little later, Aarav too returned to table with his plate. He was looking calmer than before. He had a smile too on his face, although fake. But he tried atleast, that was enough for Madhumita.

Madhumita continued to converse with Rohit and Aarav, giving more attention to Rohit. Rohit was like on top of the world as Madhu is giving more attention to him than Aarav. It was satisfying his ego and now he was sure that ultimately he will snatch her from Aarav.

Next day on their morning ritual, Aarav arrived early and waited eagerly for Madhu, to know what she is going to tell. Madhu was surprised “Hi Aarav, good morning. You came early, everything OK”

“no, not Ok. I could not sleep the whole night” replied Aarav looking eagerly at Madhu.

“Why you did not call me then, I would have loved to come to make you sleep” winked Madhu

“Arey, I am serious and you are kidding. Come on tell me. What was the thing you were talking about” Rohit was behaving like a kid.

“will tell you, but not now” Madhu tapped his shoulders “come on, let’s not waste this lovely morning. Start running, we are already late now” Madhu started running.

Aarav couldn’t understand Madhu. How can she be so relaxed. Or she really feels that he is good for nothing, like his father feels, and even Rohit feels. Is she really attracted towards Rohit. He definitely looks better than him. All these questions were storming in his brain. He did start running. But his mind was restless because his vision was blurred due to all these brain storming.

Why was Aarav feeling possessive for Madhu. Was it love ? Or it was just a jealous reaction that his sexual partner is now getting closer to another guy, who also looks better than him. Was he worried just because he may loose the comfort of fucking Madhu , if she chooses Rohit over him.

Why was Madhmita getting close to Rohit. Is it because that Rohit was her first love and now when he is taking efforts to get closer to her, she too wants the same. What’s the thing that Madhu wanted to tell Aarav. How their life evolves in coming time.

And yes, Why Aarav never shared about his goals to anyone. Why is he not comfortable in revealing what he has in his mind……

So much to think about… we will see in next chapter how Madhumita’s Journey of Life evolves…..

Till then try to introspect about your relationships and commitments…Are you being fair in them….keep thinking…

with lots of love to my readers……πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

#4 MADHUMITA : A New Beginning

Madhumita woke up before Natasha the next day and got ready for the first day of her morning workout with her new friends. She wore khaki shorts paired with maroon tanktop. She tied her long hairs to high pony. She gave herself a little makeover by nude shade of lip primer and brown eyeliner. Natasha was looking at Madhumita and said “Madamji, we are not going in a fashion show” and laughed.

Madhumita replied “so what, I mean, yaa….. but one should be presentable everytime….. whats wrong in looking good during walking n stretching as well”. Madhu was really excited and Natasha could see it very clear.

They both reached the ground where Vishal and Aarav were already running. When they reached closer, Aarav could not resist his laughter after having a look at Madhu “Hey baby, its not a fashion show”

Madhu replied angrily ” why are you looking at me, better do your work”

Vishal and Natasha laughed at Aarav and Vishal said “baat to sahi keh ri hai ye ladki, tu taad hi kyu raha hai isko, concentrate on your running”

Natasha did demonstrate the stretching exercises and warm up to Madhu, explaining her in details, what to do and what to take care of. Madhu followed her in a very determined way and grasped the details as well, as she is a very good student and observer too. After the warmup session, Natasha asked Madhu to walk in the ground and she started her running and joined Vishal. Madhu did her brisk walking and soon Aarav joined her after done with his running “Thank God, you joined us, nai to ye dono to meri band baja dete hai, now I got a non athlete companion” and smiled at Madhu. Madhu stared at him.

They both walked together. Aarav tried talking to Madhu, but she was not interested in any of his talks. She was only interested to complete the walking target for today. When she completed her target, she sat in the ground to relax. Aarav sat with her. Just to remind Aarav that he is so irresponsible student, Madhu started to talk about the assignment they were supposed to submit this week. “I am almost done with the assignment”

Aarav replied in a tense voice “ohh, really, great. We still have 5 more days to submit…. Oh, again an assignment, actually I really feel that these assignments fu#k my @ss.”

” Its interesting to complete them and they also gives us exposure” Madhu said “why do you feel that way” she raised her shoulders in surprise.

“To fu#k with the exposure…. , and the only interesting thing I found is photography, its my passion….. Well! I hope you don’t mind helping me out with this assignment work. Please Madhumita, you are such a nice girl,… studious, hard working, dedicated, please help me… Please Madhu… ” Aarav was now in a buttering mood.

” Ok…. I will help you” Madhumita replied giving a smile when he saw this aspect of Aarav, which was like a kid.

She helped Aarav in his assignment completion and for the first time did Aarav submit it in time. Aarav wanted to give a treat of his achievement to Madhu. So he took her to canteen. Initially Madhu was a bit hesitant to go to canteen, but all her excuses failed in front of KID Aarav… She really found Aarav to be really kind hearted, kiddish boy, who just never takes any tension and always keeps cool. He lives only in present day, never discussed his past with her, always very cheerful, and he has a positive aura which was magnetic to Madhumita. So she agreed to go to canteen with him after submission of their assignments. Madhu did learn from Aarav that one has to let go off the past and just be in today…. only today.

They took a table in the centre of canteen. Aarav asked “yes Madhu, tell me what do you want to take… Tea, coffee or cold drink”

“I will have a coffee with a vegetable sandwich” replied Madhu

“ok, but don’t forget to do extra 2 rounds of running tomorrow, or you may miss your target” smiled Aarav

He went to order. Same time, Rohit entered the canteen with his friend. He saw Madhumita sitting alone in canteen. He went to her and greeted her “Hi Madhu, long time yaar. Where have you been so long? ”

Madhumita had to face what she was trying to avoid since so long,….. Yes, contact with Rohit!!! But she did not panic or showed any signs of anxiety in facing him. She replied with a smile “Hi Rohit. How are you!!…eehhh…I had typhoid you know. And later I got busy with the classes and studies and assignments. You say, hows life”

Rohit took the chair and was about to sit “I am also OK Madhu… ”

Madhu interrupted “oh!! Sorry Rohit but I am waiting for Aarav, I hope you don’t mind to take another table…… Please” with a broad smile and also spark in her eyes.

Rohit could not understand how to react when he heard this “ohh, sure. I will.. take another table…. you people continue”

By this time Aarav came back with the sandwiches and coffee. He gave a smile to Rohit “hi bro, what’s up”

“all good, you people enjoy” replied Rohit and went to another table. He was continuously gazing Madhu as he never thought that Madhu will react like this. ‘Madhu who used to do anything to please me , oblige me. She asked me to take another table. How come? Is she dating Aarav…… she ignored me, I mean every second girl in college wants to be with me, this small town girl ignored me!! ‘ there were waves of tsunami of such questions inside Rohit.

Aarav and Madhu finished with their treat and Madhu took out her mobile and clicked a selfie with Aarav “I will upload this on Instagram and Fb, shall I tag you as well”

“Yaa, sure, why not.” replied Aarav

“Aren’t you on Insta” asked Madhu to Aarav.

“Actually I have Instagram account and you follow me as well” replied Aarav with a smile.

“I dont think so, I don’t follow you” Madhu looked at him.

“You follow me there and like all my posts and many times you also comment on my posts” Aarav was so sure.

Madhu took out her mobile and opened Instagram following list and put it in front of Aarav “See, there is no Aarav in this list”

Aarav took her mobile, scrolled a little and opened account @passionatefotografer and handed over to Madhu. She laughed at him, “kuch bhi… I may be a fool but not this much. Do you have any idea, this account is such brilliant. All pics so awesome. And it has 20 k followers…. see.”

“OK, wait” replied Aarav. He took out his mobile and texted something. There was a notification in Madhu’s mobile. She looked, it was a message from @passionatefotografer saying ‘Hi Madhu’

She was awestruck “OMG, is it really you Aarav. I cant believe this. All your clicks are so wonderful. I still can’t believe. You have more than 20k followers yaar. And I used to think that you are a spoilt brat of an IPS.”

She continued “I am really sorry, uptil now I belived that you are so irresponsible and careless and kiddish. But you have such a great talent.” Madhu was overwhelmed.

Aarav was polite and kept his mobile back in his pocket. “shhhhhh….. Its between you and me only and also Natasha. But please don’t tell this to anyone.”

Madhu could not understand “But why, why you want to keep it a secret. You are a star, why you don’t want to take credit of your work”

“These 20 k followers are giving me my due credit. And their comments and likes boosts the photographer inside me dear. There are some issues, will tell you some other time”

“OK, as you wish. You never told me earlier.. Hmm. And seriously I am sorry, I judged you earlier to be a person good for nothing” Madhumita was apologetic.

“Hmm, you deserve a punishment….. Let me think…. You have to take care of my studies. Exams are near, its now your duty to make sure that I dont fail in exams” both laughed and left the canteen.

Madhu and Aarav started to study together in class rooms. They often visited canteen together. Many times Madhu had an encounter with Rohit. Madhu use to pass a smile to Rohit whenever they used to cross each other. Rohit started to follow her more precisely on Fb and Instagram. Always used to love her pics and posts and never failed to leave a comment praising her.

Madhu never gave a damn to Rohit’s comments on social media. She used to like all the comments and no special treatment for Rohit’s comments.

Madhu was so much involved with herself. Daily morning workouts, then college and study with Aarav. On weekends, if all four free, Madhu, Natasha, Aarav and Vishal use to go either movies or dinner.

These 3 months passed very fast for Madhu. It was the last exam of their 2nd year. All were happy and relaxed. Madhu and Aarav had no plans to leave campus because of their own reasons.

Madhu asked Aarav “Can you please teach me basics of photography as we are in campus and have lots of free time”

“surS Madhu, why not. You helped me out if this exam dear. Otherwise I would have been murdered by my dad… Hahaha” replied Aarav

“Listen, I am thinking of taking tuition classes. It will help me in raising funds for my hobbies and also now this is our final year, I have to be more sincere towards my goals” told Madhu

“Great yaar. Do one thing. Be my model as well. So I will click you and also tell you the basics. By the way, what are your goals”

“Not given a thought to my goals” giggled Madhumita and tried to avoid Aarav question “you really want me to be your model, but my face in your posts may reveal your identity”

“Don’t worry, I will use only your curves to flaunt the fashion and face will be hidden, that will be my work and headache. Neither your nor mine identity will be revealed”

“Ohh, but so many dresses, that too latest trends will require a lot of funding, how’s it possible” questioned Madhu.

“You know, one fashion designer, who runs a boutique in Lajpat nagar, approached me on Instagram at DM, she wants me to work for her. To click her products for her social media display and also for online marketing promotion. So I need a model, and you will be the perfect one. I will share with you the profit as well” Aarav winked at Madhu with a sweet smile and sparkle in his eyes “This will be my first assignment as a professional, it will be kind enough if you please agree. I will spare your face, promise…. and will use all your curves in such a way ki ladko ki bandook apne aap fire karengi….please yaar, your identity will remain a secret as I have kept mine”

“OK, but model’s identity is not being recognised, how will I enjoy my modelling.. aur bandook ne fire kiske liye kiya yehi pata na chale… to kya fayda” laughed Madhu and agreed for working with Aarav. She also suggested him that she will be happy to have his old DSLR camera, rather than share in his profit, whenever he buys new. She was excited for her joint venture with Aarav that too modelling, which she never ever gave a thought about.

She uploaded her profile online as maths tutor. Soon she got 2 batches, one each for class 7th and 8th. 8 students per batch. She started earning 20 k per month from tuitions. In the evening she used to go to Model Town to take tuitions, 2 hours daily. She also started modelling for Aarav and his first clint Neeta, who was a fashion designer and had her boutique Style Mantra at Lajpat Nagar. As she decided to expand her business, to go online as well and customised tailoring too, she was looking for a good photographer for the shoots. She was one of the followers of @passionatefotografer, once she did DM about the idea and asked if he could do this. Aarav went to meet her and talked and things worked for both and agreed. Aarav wanted money as well for his hobby and also for future endeavour (which he never shared with anyone). So he decided to take this opportunity and it will help him to evolve in his passion. And Madhumita as his model was the plus point because they both were comfortable enough to work with each other and their schedule was also same…. so no problem about time issues and availability.

Aarav and Madhu worked together on this new project and he clicked and presented her so sensuous, that even Madhu could not believe her pics. And the most differentiating feature was that none of the pics was revealing the identity of Madhumita. They both enjoyed the work. For the shoots they either used to go to the boutique or Neeta’s home. They also clicked at Kutub Minar and Humayun’s Tomb and various other places.

Three months passed, Madhu was too involved in her routine. Mornings workout. Now she and Aarav used to jog. They jogged for around 7 to 8 kms daily followed by stretching exercises. Then her classes. In evening, she used to go to take tuition classes. Also committed to her modelling, whenever required she always took a break from her daily schedule.

Aarav was now more focused towards his passion, photography. He was fortunate enough to have Madhu as companion for studies as well. He was performing better than his previous years in college. His followers increased on Instagram and he used to get links and invites in the comments on his uploaded pics. Many established photographers also followed him on Instagram. Many of them offered him to be their assistant. But Aarav wanted to finish with his graduation first and then give a thought for adopting his passion as career or may follow his father’s aspirations. He was not sure about what he may choose.

It was raining. Aarav decided to shoot in such a pleasant weather. He called Neeta “Hello Mrs Neeta, its a lovely weather today. I think it will be great to click some pics today. Mainly to promote the sarees that you design. They will look hot and more sensuous”

“But today I am not in Delhi. I will be leaving in a short while for a wedding in Chandigarh with my family” replied Neeta

“Ohh,…. we can do one thing. You give us the sarees, we will click them and when you return I will show you the pics” suggested Aarav

“ahhh.. You people do one thing, come to my house. I will give you the sarees collection with blouses. And you can use my studio room for indoor shoots and terrace gardem for outdoor shoots to capture the rain as well” Neeta came up with the idea.

“yaa, wonderful!! I will just call Madhu, and in 30 minutes we will try to reach there. Thanks for cooperation” replied Aarav with gratitude.

He called Madhu “Hi Madhu, get ready, I am coming to pick you up for the shoot.” instructed Aarav.

“I have to take a bath and get ready, need around 30 minutes. Will give you a call when I am ready” replied Madhumita

“No need to take bath. We have to reach there in 30 minutes. You just come downstairs, I am coming. You can take bath there only. Take your essentials with you” Aarav replied in a hurry.

” Where are we going” Madhu was asking, but Aarav was in hurry and the call disconnected.

Aarav and Madhu reached Neeta’s home in 30 minutes. Neeta was almost ready to leave with her family. She showed both of them the sarees which were kept with their blouses in her studio room. She told Madhu “you know all the makeup item is in this drawer and the jewellery is kept in this box. Dont hesitate to take eatables from fridge. Be comfortable have a fantastic shoot. We will be back by tomorrow night” Neeta left the house handing over the keys to Aarav.

Madhumita sat on the sofa “Uff, its such a lovely weather and I will miss it because of this shoot”

“Come with me” said Aarav and went to terrace. Madhumita followed him and was surprised to see the terrace garden “Wow, so beautiful!!” Madhu reacted.

“I will shoot here in the rains. Most sensuous pics ever and that too in sarees. These will be mind blowing. You take bath soon and get ready”

Madhu took a quick bath. She draped in a black net saree with a backless blouse. She was looking ultra hot. Aarav put a black hat on her head and in the studio clicked her sitting on chair, face covered with hat and her cleavage too evident. He clicked many pics in different poses.

Then she changed to a yellow shiffon saree with an off shoulder blouse, followed by a red satin embroidered saree.

Then Aarav asked her to wear the white shiffon saree with white blouse. He advised her to wear it with black undergarments to enhance the look. She searched Neeta’s studio room and could find a black net lingerie pair. Madhu got ready and paired with white ear rings from jewellery box.

When Aarav saw Madhu in this avatar, he could not resist praising her beauty and glamorous look. He pointed at top, “this saree in rain” n winked with a smile.

“sabka katal hi karaoge kya” Madhu laughed. They both went to the terrace. Aarav explained her to pose and as it was drizzling, they started to shoot. After few pics, and getting wet due to rain, Madhu’s white saree became almost transparent. Her open hairs became wet. “Madhu few more clicks and almost done babe” said Aarav, focusing towards his work. After taking adequate poses, Aarav was checking the pics taken in his DSLR, Madhumita came close to him, held his T-shirt near his shoulders and put her lips tightly on Aarav’s. She kept lip locked for almost 2 minutes, with eyes closed. She explored whole of Aarav’s mouth with her tongue. Aarav was not able to understand what’s going on. His one hand was occupied with camera and other hand was fanning away in air. Eyes wide open, trying to have a look at Madhumita’s face while she was busy with her tongue and lips. Madhu opened her eyes, looked at Aarav having a blank look. She took her head a little back and raised her eyebrows as if asking ‘what, didn’t you want this’

Aarav, puzzled, and replied “hold on Madhu, or I will really fu#k you”

“Do you think, I kissed you for not being fu#ked. Come on, don’t waste this opportunity. Such lovely weather, we are alone and I really want one” Madhu replied.

“Please understand Madhumita…..” tried explaining Aarav pushing her away

“You really don’t want?… You must have done this many times in your imagination. Lets do it in real” Madhu came closer to him again.

Aarav held her on waist, brought her closer, tried to kiss her, but stopped himself again “Its not possible Madhu” and pushed her back again.

Madhu wanted it badly, she was all prepared. Aarav’s response made her more horny. “Are you gay Aarav, or IT doesn’t workshe moved her hand below his waist, it was quite hard.

“Arey, that’s not the matter yaar. I am not prepared for a relationship….. I have to achieve my goals in life and that’s not easy. I am not in a position of commitment…. You are a dear friend. Don’t want to hurt you. I need you by my side always” replied Aarav.

“Even I don’t want any commitment. We will remain friends. I have no plans for marriage for at least next 5 years. Shadi ni karni to life kya aise hi rukhi jane de… Please yaar, dont show attitude now” pleaded Madhu coming close enough.

“yaar, tu senti ho jayegi fir, mujhe avoid karegi” Aarav was still confused.

“I won’t get senti. Ab mood ki band mat baja. Come on Aarav. Show me your action” Madhu gave a naughty smile and put her hand again on his pubic area and went closer to his left ear and licked there. It was the final spark in the drizzle. Aarav looked at her for a while and grabbed her face and soon the lips were tightly locked. He held her tightly in his arms, and whispered in her ears “never thought that I would get a chance to fu#k you in real”

They both were lost somewhere in the time.

Madhumita and Aarav came close enough during their venture. They both never thought that they would come so close. Once Aarav was a spoilt brat for Madhu and now she handed herself in his arms that too without any commitment. Life is too unpredictable and that’s its real beauty.

What are the goals that these 2 youngsters are chasing in their lives. How will their relationship evolve with time. We will follow in next part. Till then you all have a look at what are your life goals. Lots of love from my side to all my readers β™₯️β™₯️

#3 MADHUMITA : Struggle To Find New You

Madhumita now very well understood that MOVING FORWARD is the only option she has. But she was not aware about how to move. Natasha could sensitise her about the beauty of life but how to live this beautiful life, Madhu has to learn herself only.

Madhu started going to college, attending all her classes, working on her assignments, but she always tried to avoid going to canteen. She always tried to give a miss to all those places, where she could find Rohit, because she knew somewhere in her heart that his presence around her may fill her with all that guilt and sorrow again which she is trying to escape.

She restricted herself to her classes and hostel. All her professors and class mates could see the transformation in Madhu, from a very cheerful, lively girl to a very quiet one. She remained dull all the day, did not enjoy humors in class, no gossiping with friends, no talks about the latest fashion and trends, moreover not getting clicked either by self or by friends. She did never go for outing or movies even on weekends. Her presence on social media was also affected, her followers too missed her as she did not post anything in these two months. And the best part was, she has an excuse for her change, ‘Typhoid, it makes you dull, weak and recovery takes a long time’ she had the reply ready if anyone asks ‘Madhu, are you ok?’

It was Natasha’s birthday. In hostel at 12 midnight friends gathered and brought the cake. Natasha cut the cake and gave first piece to Madhumita and also pasted the cream over Madhu’s face.

arey… arey…Natasha, its your birthday, why u put it on Madhumita’s face…” asked a friend amazingly

Natasha replied with a big smile “because she needs a facial badly”.. All friends did burst into laughter and Madhu gave a smile in response.

Madhu went to washroom and deliberately took around 25 minutes to wash off the cream. When she returned to her room, majority of girls had left. She was happy as her efforts worked to avoid contact with all of them at once in her room. Natasha offered her cake “we are going out tomorrow evening for my birthday celebration”

Madhu took the plate and her gaze fixed at cake replied “Natasha, wish you a very happy birthday dear, but I won’t be able to accompany you tomorrow…. ehh…. because……ehh..I have some assignment work in the evening”

Natasha laughed “Madhumita tomorrow is Sunday my darling…. Koi aur accha bahana soch le”

Madhumita squirmed “ohh, no…. no,… actually I thought tomorrow is Saturday,… ehh…. so much stress nowadays,…. exams are also near…. why will I try to avoid your party,….”

Natasha just kept looking at Madhu trying to observe her body language and her facial expressions and soon Madhu could not resist her heart out ” I am sorry Natasha, actually yes, I don’t want to go out…. ”

Natasha interrupted her ” I had typhoid, it causes a lot of weakness and time to recover…. come on give your typical reply, that you are giving to everyone since couple of months… Sahi hai hamara diya hathiyar ham par hi chala lo ab tum….. Chal na yaar kal, we have planned for Hauz khas village… It will be so much fun,… Aur tera ye typhoid ka bahana ab jyada mat kheench, itne dino me to asli typhoid bhi thik ho jaye… Ab kya bechare typhoid ki leke hi manegi” and laughed

Madhu agreed for the next days plan “but I will not take hard drinks there”.

Next day Natasha started to get ready at around 4 pm. Madhu was in no mood to get a makeover for the party. Natasha asked Madhu “madamji, get ready or we will get late”

Madhu replied, “I will take hardly 15 minutes to get ready, dont worry”

Natasha again “oye madam, we are going to Hauz khas village, I want to look superhot today, and yes you too should dress well, kamaal ke bande aur bandiya aate hai yaar, and we are no less than those super hot girls, and you are our beauty queen, lagna chahiye na ki Natasha ke birthday pe saara group mast aaya tha

Madhu in amazed tone… “saara group means, who else

Natasha replied “who else means, yaar hauz khas ja re hai, rukha rukha ni jana, you, me and two of my friends”

” who are your two friends, by the way” asked Madhu

” have faith yaar, you will come to know, you never met them actually, so when we meet you will come to know, and yes Rohit nahi hai for sure” winked Natasha, ” now get ready soon, we have to look hot tonight, and please help me also by your secret tips to a hotty looking girl”

“I dont have any dress to wear” replied Madhu, “I will go in my casuals”

“no way, behanji na ban ab, chal apne asli roop me aja, dikha de is zalim duniya ko ki kya dum hai tujhme, aaj to kai topo ki salami karani hai hame” laughed Natasha and handed over her red net dress, (which was gifted by Rohit) “wear this tonight”

Madhu frowned “are you out of your mind, I mean I am sorry, its your birthday, but this dress was….”

Natasha interrupted “gifted by Rohit, so what, are you afraid that this dress will also fu#k you off, come on, wear this darling, please, hum quality time ke liye ja re hai, to enjoy today, the day we are in now. Why you can’t forget your past, make space in your life for today, come on you are wearing this and no excuses allowed, its my order, I am the birthday girl. Believe me, we will enjoy tonight a lot…..and yes let me be very clear.. ENJOYMENT DOES NOT MEAN ONLY SEX ”

Natasha wore a knee length black skirt with side slits upto mid thigh, paired with an orange top with halter neck with high pony. She wore 3 inch platform heels and glittery earrings, and wine and rum shade of lip primer. Madhu donned the same red net dress paired with her black stilettos and red floral earrings, ruby crush lipstick and her hairs loosely tied with a clutcher. Both were looking super gorgeous. Natasha called her friend “we are ready, lets go”

Natasha and Madhu reached outside the hostel and a cab was waiting there. As soon as they approached the cab, Aarav stepped out of car, awestruck by the two beauties “hi, Natasha, hi Madhumita, you both are looking awesome”

Natasha shook hands with Aarav, “Thankyou” she waved to the other person sitting in the cab front seat “Namaste sirji”. It was Vishal Rana, the common wealth silver medalist. They all took their seats and cab proceeded to Hauz khas village.

Aarav, he is batchmate of Madhumita, but they never interacted uptil now. He is a son of IPS Amar Saxena. His father wants him to aspire for civil services. But Aarav’s aspirations are different from his father’s. He wants to be a photographer, professional photographer . He was from the same town as Natasha, and both did their 12th from same school. Looks wise, he is not very hot, but neither bad, you can say average guy with a dusky complexion but good dressing sense. Height aroun 5 feet 9 inches, physique was good, because he used to do morning workout with Natasha. Madhumita never liked Aarav because according to her, he is not sincere and also miss the classes frequently. Even if present, he used to remain unattentive, never submit assignments in time, so Madhumita always avoided him, considering him a spoilt brat of an IPS officer.

Vishal Rana is a Common Wealth Games medalist. He won silver medal in last common wealth games, in 200 meter run. He is the heartthrob of whole college. 3rd year student and pride of whole nation. He is 6 feet 3 inches in height with an athletic body and army cut hairs. Broad shoulders and six pack abs. He is a college celebrity. Most girls use to talk about him but he never talk to any of them. When he practices, many girls just roam around the ground just to have a glance of him while in action. Natasha is also in running and national champion. She practices with Vishal and hence they know each other. Vishal has faith that Natasha is capable of performing well internationally too as she is national record holder. Both are preparing to represent India in next Asian Games. So they both train together and are inspiration and motivation to each other.

On the way, Madhumita did not speak much. She was little nervous to be at Hauz Khas. But as Natasha stood by her during past 2 months in her time of distress, she wanted to be with her on her birthday. But she was not comfortable with two new men in her company, that too Aarav, who she believes to be a bad student and another Vishal, who is so attractive to resist.

They reached their destination of the evening, Moonlovers pub and restaurant. Aarav was the one who suggested and Madhumita had been to such a happening place for the first time. They took a table for four. Natasha sat with Aarav on one side of table and Madhumita was left with Vishal on another side. There was a DJ as well. After getting comfortable, Natasha and Aarav were checking the menu. Natasha asked Madhu her choice “anything you suggest Natasha” replied Madhu with a fake smile.

Natasha ordered Sun Kiss (vodka with mango juice and lemonade) for Madhu and Beach lady (vodka with orange juice and litchi juice) for self. Aarav and Vishal ordered Tuborg pints for themselves.

Madhu dared to ask Natasha “Natasha you ordered mocktail for me na dear”

“of course darling” replied Natasha giggled and continued “Madhumita, you must be aware of Aarav, he is your class mate. We were school mates actually”

“hmm, ohh” Madhu stared at Aarav with a fake smile on her lips “hi Aarav”

“hi Madhu, I mean Madhumita. Actually Natasha, me and Madhu never talk to each other. She sits in first row…. ”

“He is either absent and if present prefers to be at last row in the class ” completed Madhu..

Natasha introduced Vishal “Madhu he is Vishal, THE VISHAL RANA, pride of our college, our nation, commonwealth silver medalist in 200 metre and of course now my guru, you can say. I practice with him in the morning. And Vishal this is my roommate Madhumita, a very charming and lively girl of our college, she is the favourite of all professors ”

Vishal replied ” charming is ok, but I dont think she is lively. She hardly speaks anything ” looking at Madhumita

These words of Vishal were adequate enough to give a blow to Madhumita’s ego which was lost after that night and made her dull. In her life, she was always chased by boys. Its the first time that a boy pointed at her flaw. She tried to give explanation

” ohh, no no, actually I had typhoid few days back, and that’s why little weakness”

Hearing this Natasha laughed “I was the one who diagnosed her typhoid, and now I think she will recover soon” all laughed (this time Madhu did laugh as well and it wasn’t fake).

The cocktails arrived with the beers. They all held their glasses and cheered and wished Natasha birthday again. Now Madhu was little conscious so that she is not labelled boring anymore, that too by super hot Vishal. Aarav ordered veg crisp triangles with cheese and salated cashew nuts as starters.

After their cocktails (which Madhu was not aware about that hers is a cocktail too) Madhu felt little relaxed. Aarav stood and asked Natasha to accompany him to dance floor. Natasha pointed at Madhu, “take her along, she is a wonderful dancer.” Aarav held Madhumita’s hands and they both went and danced on the DJ. With her gorgeous moves on dance floor, Madhu gained everyone’s attention sitting in the pub. Two boys came and joined the duo. All four danced really well. Madhumita waved at Natasha and hinted them to join as well. Vishal and Natasha too joined the group and danced to the beats of DJ.

Vishal and Natasha soon went back to their seats. Aarav continued with Madhu. Madhu was dancing her heart out. After almost 2 months of listless and depressive life, cheer did find its place on Madhu’s face. This time it was from within.

Aarav dragged Madhu back to their table. This time seats were exchanged. Vishal took his seat with Natasha and Madhumita sat with Aarav. Madhumita signaled that she wants to go to the washroom. Aarav accompanied her. After a while they both returned to their seats. Madhu was really enjoying the evening. Natasha offered beer to all and everyone again cheered her birthday (this time Madhu herself opted for beer).

“You know friends” initiated Madhu “Natasha I have gained weight during past few months. This dress was comfortable 2 months ago, but today I could fit in it with difficulty. Not comfortable enough, just because its your birthday I did manage. You all 3 are so fit, I am the only fat one” and laughed at herself

Aarav : Madhumita, you are the hottest girl in campus. Yaa….. you became little dull in past few months. If you realise it, why don’t you do anything to fix it”

Natasha : hey, Madhu, you can join us in mornings for workouts, it will keep you fit and its also helpful in relieving stress, see Aarav, it helped him a lot to relieve his stress.

Madhu: Aarav, stress…. stress, Aarav. Isko kaunsa stress hai, class to ata nai hai, dad is IPS. what kind of stress he has…. Iski bhi kisi ne le li kya… (madhu burst into laughter) she was accompanied by other 3 too.

Vishal : oye, Natasha, Madhu is really lively yaar. I thought she is very reserve types. (looking towards Aarav) bolo maharaj tumhari kisne li….

Aarav: saala, meri to mere baap ne le rakhi hai

Madhu: what, your dad is an IPS. Cream of the society. You are so lucky to have him as your dad. He has more than million followers on fb yaar, and he is so good looking and great personality. Dont mind but at this age too, he looks better than you. And you are so irresponsible in class yaar… I guess tumhari wazah se unki lagi padi hogi

Madhu laughed and this time only Vishal and Natasha did laugh not Aarav. Natasha realised the agony of Aarav “hey friends, joking apart, lets not be judgemental yaar. Upar wale ne sabke G me danda de rakha hai… Madhu please dont make fun of my dear Aarav” she stood and hugged Aarav and tapped his back and put her lips on his head.

Aarav: Thanks Natasha, and Madhu its a long story, will tell you some other time.

Madhu: ok Aarav and sorry dear if I hurt you

Madhu too hugged Aarav.

Aarav: so Madhu, you are coming tomorrow morning. A step towards fitter and hotter Madhu.

Madhu :yes, sure. I am in. New member of your fitness club.

Madhu raised her hand in the air.

After having dinner and having the best of her time with her new friends, Madhu felt very different. While they were returning back in the cab, she closed her eyes and felt lucky to have such persons in life. She was enthusiastic to join their fitness club. Why should I suffer……Why my life be dull….. The person who did everything deliberately is enjoying…. I have to make new goals, new decisions and follow new paths…. I will give my best…. Natasha was right, it was a safe sex with good experience and nothing else…. I did enjoy it…. But there’s more in life I can achieve…. She took out her mobile, clicked a selfie with a pout and uploaded it immediately on her Instagram and fb with a caption ” had the best time ever with my besties, life rocks”

Madhumita now got a new path, new goal in her life…..To be fit and happy. She realised that life has so much to offer. She has to be at receiving end and open to all options available.

Lets wait and see what course her life’s journey takes in next part….. Till then have a look on your journey of life…. With lots of love to all my readers…. πŸ’•πŸ’•

#2 MADHUMITA : Battle with Self

Madhumita and Natasha were looking at each other. Madhu’s eyes filled with tears and Natasha seemed as if she is relieved.

“Madhu, it was this much only or you want to share something else too” Natasha questioned Madhu

“This much only! What do you mean by this much only? What else you want Natasha. I am ruined, I feel my life is finished and you are saying ‘this much only’.. Madhu burst into tears again…. ‘meri lag chuki hai’

” wait, wait. Hold on Madhu, have water dear. I am sorry. Please don’t cry. ” Natasha tried to console the weeping beauty.

But Madhumita continued with tears in her swollen eyes ” Natasha, I feel that I lost everything…. Us kamine ne… barbad kar diya mujhe

“Ok, but believe me Madhu, u did not loose anything. I was concerned for more disastrous things, that’s why I asked you, that ‘is there something else too’ that happened” Natasha was in explanation mode

“What do you mean by something else” Madhu looked angrily on Natasha as if she is responsible now for her sufferings

Natasha knew that Madhumita’s state of mind is different at present. Its difficult to talk to her now, as she is feeling guilty of a thing that she actually is not responsible for. Natasha wanted to first calm her down, make her comfortable and then talk about her issues.

“Come, lets go for a walk” Natasha changed the topic

“What, are you out of your mind. My life is finished and you want me to go out for a walk. I am not even courageous to step outside this room” Madhu reacted as if Natasha is trying to make fun of her

“really, do you really believe that your life is finished. I don’t think so. You are breathing, your heart is pumping, your senses are working… You are alive Madhu, your life is not finished” Natasha played supportive “come with me, we will go for a walk around, breathe in open air, hear birds chirping, feel the breeze. Please only one time I am asking you to accompany me”

Madhu tried to gather her courage and agreed with condition that only for 30 minutes and if she sees other students, she will return. Natasha agreed totally with all her demands.

Madhu changed to her off white kurti paired with beige leggings and sleepers. Natasha was in her black pyjamas and white T-shirt and her sports shoes. Natasha looked from top to bottom at Madhu and smiled. Very rarely did Madhu wear such dull combinations. Madhu is a fan of bright colours but as she is lost somewhere around 8 days ago, that too with a mountainous guilt, its expected to be evident even in her dressing style.

They both started roaming at a calm pace. Madhu looking at direction away from Natasha’s. It was 7.30 am in the morning. Breeze was soothing with sun shining through in between the trees. Birds were chirping. Natasha pointed at squirrels in the park “they look so beautiful na Madhu”

“what” asked Madhu as she was physically present there, but actually she was lost at that particular night.

“These…. squirrels”

“hmm” Madhu realised there were many around and looked them “they are so many Natasha”

“Thank God, you noted”

There were roses and jasmine shrubs present. Madhu looked at them. Natasha noted that flowers have diverted the mind of Madhu.

“do you like flowers, Madhu”

“yaa, I like flowers. They are so diverse, yet all look beautiful” Madhu replied while gently touching them.

“hey, dont touch them, they will be ruined, you may destroy their beauty, you may take away their fragrance ” Natasha hit a sarcasm at Madhu and instructed her to be away from them.

“no, they wont be. No one can take away their beauty and fragrance. Rest assured, they won’t be harmed” replied explicable Madhu

“are you sure” questioned Natasha with sparkle in her eyes. Natasha stopped purposefully and Madhu noted that Natasha is not accompanying her and left behind. She turned around and looked at Natasha and raised both her shoulders to ask Natasha what made her stop.

“Madhu when you are so sure about flowers, why you think about yourself in that way”

“what” Madhu was puzzled because she couldn’t realise the analogy

“Madhu, did you notice that no one around here is bothered about you or what happened in your life” Natasha looked around while saying.

Madhu stepped towards Natasha and looked around and said “I dont know. I just know that I did wrong and I cannot undo it” tears again found their place in her eyes as she tried to explain.

Natasha held her hands and looked into her eyes and in a very caring tone said “You know what, I believe that you did nothing wrong. You were not wrong. Believe me. Its true you can’t undo it so please accept it. But its also true that you are not ruined and have all reasons to live an absolutely normal life, be progressive yaar

These words of Natasha really worked as Madhu nodded and her lips cornered to one side in an attempt to give a smile (although fake).

Natasha looked at her watch, it was 8 :15 am “I am feeling hungry, lets go to canteen for breakfast”

“But…” replied Madhu

Natasha stared at her and Madhu nodded again, this time with her sweet smile which was casual and not fake.

They both went to canteen. Sat in a corner table, away from others. Madhumita did not go to take her breakfast and looked at her feet continuously. Natasha brought two plates. They both had poha in their breakfast. Madhu requested Natasha for one more plate (she was having breakfast after so many days).

Natasha knew that the recovery of Madhumita is faster than expected from her emotional injury, so she agreed.

They both went back to their rooms. On their way towards their room, few hostel mates met Madhu and asked her about her health “hi Madhu, how’s your fever now”

Madhu was confused and looking at Natasha replied “hmm…. better”.

Natasha interrupted before they could ask further “yaa, typhoid cause lots of weakness. Wish her fast recovery”

“yaa sure. She is a strong girl and will recover fast” they replied with a big smile towards Madhumita.

Madhumita reciprocated their gesture. They both moved towards their room. As soon as they entered Madhumita could not control herself “I think they were aware about all. Otherwise why they would have said that I am a strong girl… I mean recovering from fever does not require anyone to be strong… Natasha, I did tell you that I don’t want to step outside this room”

Natasha could not control her laughter “Madhu how could be you so negative. Dont mind but let me tell you one thing, nobody… believe me.. nobody in the campus is fu##ing interested to know what’s happening in THE MADHUMITA’S life. Ok, chill now. Yesterday evening I had a talk with those girls and they asked me why you didn’t perform in freshers party. I told them that you have typhoid. So you get out of that bullshit night….

Madhu was stunned and looked at Natasha as if she got some shock treatment and Natasha noticed that tears are trying again to find their place in Madhu’s eyes. She held Madhumita’s shoulders and tried to calm her before the tears could roll down her pink cheeks “Madhumita, my dear, the more you are lost in that night, more you are going to harm yourself. No one else is interested, but if you behave weird, everyone will try to find out the cause. Rohit did not tell anyone, ok. He is so very normal in the campus.”

Madhu could control her tears this time “hmm, will try. Let me have a bath”

Natasha winked at Madhu “do you want me to accompany you dear in bathing or you will be able to manage yourself… Help karu kya” both of them burst into laughter.

Madhu did wear her red pyjama and yellow T-shirt. Natasha smiled at her “now that’s our Madhumita in her bright and lively colours”

Madhu replied ” Colours attract positivity in the same way as flowers attract butterflies” while managing her wet hairs with her towel.

“Hmm” replied Natasha “hey Madhu tell me one thing. Did you people use protection? ”

“What” Madhu stand still

“protection…. condom” Natasha in an excitement.

“ohh” Madhu gazed outside the window “yes”

“thank god” Natasha sighed “I was really worried about it, one of the disastrous things…… I was talking about earlier”

“we did use…I mean he did use…. ” Madhumita looked confuse

“yaa dear, actually condom is used together, don’t hesitate. Its a good practice you know”

“Tell me one more thing. Did you see any of your (ehmm) nude pics or video in his mobile” Natasha bombarded another question

“Nooo…” replied Madhu.

“This is the second disastrous things I was really worried” Natasha replied

“hmm” Madhu with her eyes wide open “I didn’t think that way”

“When he expressed his love for you” asked Natasha

“means?” replied Madhu

“When did he say magical words to you during your dating and all” Natasha was ready with her questionnaire.

“what” said Madhu

“Uff magical words, means I Love You” Natasha

After thinking for a while Madhumita replied “nooo… I don’t remember that he ever said that to me, but the way he used to talk to me…… , we used to spend time together alone….. , I thought there was no need of those magical words between us, it was self explanatory….. Or may be yes, I was over assuming….. may be I was wrong to interpret his emotions or feelings…. May be yes… I mean yessss… He never said those magical words to me, not even on that night ”

” He didn’t tell anyone in campus I guess. He is as normal as usual. Once when he visited canteen with his friends, he even asked about you” Natasha told Madhu

“Hmm, may be I, myself was attracted towards him. And I assumed myself that he loves me too…and I felt being cheated, by the person whom I loved and this feeling of betrayal is killing my soul” Madhu was now in expressive mode.

“May be it was really an attraction from him, and without his acceptance I assumed everything by myself. But, still whatever happened was wrong and now I feel that I did more wrong. I should not have allowed him, why did I felt that this is the way to express my love towards him…. Natasha, why I couldn’t control myself that night and it happened thrice. I thought that I found my love of life, how blessed I felt that particular night and the very next morning, I was broken into pieces ” Madhu sat on chair trying to express her heart out.

” Did you achieve that” Natasha’s next question was ready

“what?” Madhu could not understand

“uff, my sweet little girl, I am asking did you reach there. Did you reach orgasm baby” Natasha was in a notorious tone this time

A small smile prevailed Madhu’s lips, her eyes now gazed at her feet, her hands clenched her towel……

“Dont be shy queen THE MADHUMITA, tell me, did you reach” Natasha was eager to know

“yes” Madhu replied in a very low voice

“wow, saaalliii…. Madhu… Yaar tujhe aur kya chahiye, bekar me devdas bani baithi hai” Natasha was awestruck. “I mean, you reached there in your first, what else you want” and laughed patting Madhumita’s back.

“My dear girl, you yourself was carried away by your feelings towards him. He never ever told you magical words. It was your assumption and you did what your heart instructed you. Most importantly, you people used condom while fu##ing, there were no recording. And the best part you enjoyed it. It was a safe sex. Ulta tujhe to khush hona chahiye. You did it with hottest guy of campus, that too in your teenage” Natasha sounded excited.

Madhumita did not know how to react “but I should not have done all this. Its not acceptable in society, this is wrong”

“everything is wrong and nothing is right …. and….nothing is wrong and everything is right… All depends on your attitude towards life. I feel you did nothing wrong”

“Natasha it was wrong. How will I face my husband in future . How will he react when he will come across this aspect of mine….. I lost everything” Madhu was gazing outside the window, trying to avoid eye contact with Natasha

Natasha stood up and went towards window and said “if you see it through my perspective you did not loose anything except your virginity, in fact you gained experience before entering in your twenties” and both were looking outside the window.

Natasha continued “who will tell your future husband about your past. No one but you. So you have to forget your past. Its all in your mind dear. Just imagine if you erase all your memory uptil now, then who will tell you what you did….. No one…..similarly if you do not leave your past behind how will you accept your future ”

Madhumita was now trying to go deeper into the saying of Natasha. She continued to listen. Natasha continued

” I must say and you please also take it in this way. You gained good time, good sex, safe sex, your first experience which took you to (ehm) your orgasm with a boy you were attracted to. Nothing was there to loose. If you do not change your attitude, then you may loose many things like you may loose your semester or even admission, your career, your aspirations. So choice is yours Madhumita. ”

” Just give a thought that why you came here, to seek a groom, do marriage or something else “Natasha looked at Madhumita

She replied “no, I came here to get best education and be successful…. marriage was never on my mind, but after meeting Rohit, thoughts of love and marriage captivated my mind”

Madhu continued, “you are right Natasha. I HAVE TO MOVE FORWARD as its the only option that I have. There is no way out. But for this I know I have to face battle with self day in and day out and I don’t know whether I will win or loose this battle, but I have to try and only I can try this”

Natasha could convince Madhumita to MOVE FORWARD. She stood as a firm support with Madhu and even changed her thought process. Will Madhumita emerge as a winner or looses battle with self. If yes, how and if no whats her fate…… Will come again with the next part of Madhumita’s journey of life… Till then lots of love to you allπŸ’•πŸ’•

#1 MADHUMITA: Fall or Rise in Love

It was the freshers party night, thrown by 2nd year students to welcome their juniors. Everyone was enjoying but Madhumita did not turnup in the party. She had a dance presentation as lead lady from 2nd year group. Everyone looked around for her. Even her mobile was not reachable. Her roommate Natasha was also not aware about her whereabouts. She noticed that her friend Rohit is present and doesn’t look tense in her absence. He is the partner in her dance sequel as well. As Madhumita was not traceable, Rohit completed his act with the choreographer, as she was aware about the moves and steps.

After his performance Natasha went to Rohit.

“hi Rohit, where is Madhumita”

“how would I know” replied Rohit carelessly

“Ohh.. I thought she is your girlfriend, so I thought you may be aware” Natasha replied

“wait wait… She is my friend, not girlfriend Natasha.. please don’t spread rumors” winked Rohit with wikid smile at his friends

Natasha was surprised on Rohit’s response. But as it was manageable so no one bothered about Madhumita. Natasha was really worried for her, but as she was coordinator of the function, she could not do much but to ignore and work for the success of party.

At 2 am midnight, Natasha reached her room. Madhumita was lying on her bed completely covered by yellow floral top sheet.

“hey Madhu, you are here, thank God, I was so worried” sighed Natasha

Madhumita did not reply.

“are you ok madhu” Natasha moved closer to her..

“hmm” replied Madhumita in a very low tone.

“party was really awesome, everyone enjoyed” narrated Natasha

“hmm” Madhu replied

“hey Madhu , is everything okay between you and your friend Rohit”… She further added “Rohit very carelessly replied in the party when I did enquire about you. I thought you were his girlfriend ”

“hmm, no we are only friends ” replied Madhu . But Natasha could hear the weeping n sobs of Madhu under the top sheet.

“Madhu are you ok na dear.. If you want, you can share with me” offered Natasha to a shattered Madhumita.

“no” blatantly replied Madhu .

“hmm, you must be tired, its too late. I am also too tired. Lets sleep, we will talk tomorrow morning, ok…. Ok Madhu ” Natasha tried to console Madhu

“hmm” Madhu replied

Natasha changed her dress to her comfortable pyjama n T-shirt, and went to sleep… “feel free to wake me up if you require anything Madhu ” Natasha again offered support to Madhumita

Madhumita was persuing BA in Operational Research from DU. She hails from Kumayun region. As soon as she took admission, praises of her beauty were everywhere in the campus. Her dusky complexion with her deep eyes and dimples over cheek, waist length hairs, and sharp features made her the most talked about girl in freshers batch. Unware about this, she was one of the most sincere student with lots of respect towards her professors. Very soon Madhumita became the favourite student in her department and topic of hot discussion among boys in the campus.

Natasha was a rough and tough girl who got admission through sports kota. She was tall, smart, confident and determined towards her passion. Many boys in campus tried to follow her, but as she was focused only towards her game, running, no one could come closer to her. She comes from a middle class family of Haryana. The destiny brought Madhumita and Natasha closer as room mates. In other words, in campus, apart from her coach and Madhumita, Natasha never talked to anyone with ease.

Rohit was a management student. He was a handsome hunk 6 feet tall, black curly hairs, sexy body. He was an eye tonic to many girls in the campus. Many girls wanted to come close to him because of his rich background. He used to live alone in a 3 bhk apartment at Vasant kunj. His parents had a farm house in South Delhi. But most of the times they used to be in London because of business.

Once Madhumita was sitting in canteen with her colleagues, a boy came to her and offered red rose. Madhumita started crying at his gesture. It was difficult for her to handle this anymore, because every alternate day boys use to approach her for being their girl friend. Rohit came to her rescue and scolded that boy not to come close to her. Rohit made Madhumita feel comfortable with his charming personality and gentle behaviour. Gradually they started meeting in canteen and then they started hanging outside the campus too. They were the most talked about couple now in the campus. Everyone was eager to know what’s happening between the two. None of them ever talked about their relationship to anyone.

Madhumita never shared her date details among her friends, not even with her room mate. She always used to tell Natasha “why anyone else is interested to know about whats between me and Rohit. I mean we are friends and thats enough. My relationship with anyone, be it you or Rohit are not for others entertainment and gossiping.” Natasha really liked Madhumita’s opinion regarding privacy in any relationship.

Many times Rohit and Madhumita used to be together at his apartment, but Rohit never tried to come closer to her physically. They both used to talk, laugh and enjoy each others company. Madhumita was totally in love with her hostel life and trusted him blindly after knowing him for almost 9 months.

Madhumita did not sleep the whole night. Natasha got up early as usual and went for her practice. When Natasha returned, she found Madhumita in same pose on her bed.

“good morning Madhu, how are you” Natasha greeted Madhu in positive tone.

“hmm” replied Madhu with a heavy voice

Natasha understood that Madhu is in no mood to talk. She took a bath and went to mess for breakfast and moved from there to her classes. She returned back in afternoon to find Madhu still in bed covered under a sheet.

“Hey, you had lunch?” enquired Natasha

“hmm” replied Madhu

Natasha could now make out that there is something to bother. But as Madhu herself is not willing to share, she did not push her much. At night, Natasha brought dinner from mess for Madhu

“have it, or you will not be left with enough energy to weep” Natasha offered Madhu dinner

“I am not hungry” replied Madhu.

Natasha kept the plate on table and left the room saying “I am going for a walk”

As soon as Natasha stepped out of room, door closed, Madhu got up and ate the food, she had eaten nothing since yesterday morning. Before Natasha was back, she again went into her bed and covered herself completely.

The same events repeated for another 7 days. Madhu did not step out of her room. Her eyes were swollen because of continuous tears. Natasha could not stop herself anymore. It was a Sunday morning. Natasha did not go for morning workup.

“Madhu everyone in college is asking about you. Now I find it difficult to convince them that you are ill” Natasha sat on her chair with a mug of coffee.

“even your HOD is asking that why are you missing the classes, should I tell them the truth, or you are going to tell me something”

“no, please” Madhu replied

“or should I contact your parents and tell them that you are not well” Natasha said

“No no Please” Madhu sat in her bed “dont call my parents….. Please”

“so, you are going to tell me” commanded Natasha offering her coffee

Madhu started narrating in low voice..

The day before freshers party, me and Rohit went to his appartment as it was his birthday and he said he wants to celebrate it with me this year. He said his parents are in London and he doesn’t want a big event as next day is freshers party, so lets keep it simple.

On the way he ordered cake and pizza. When we reached his appartment, few minutes later cake n pizza were delivered. I was too comfortable with his birthday celebration idea as next day’s freshers party is going to be an extravagant event.

“Rohit, why you didn’t tell me a day earlier. I couldn’t even bring you a gift” Madhu said while arranging candles on cake

“Its OK. You are here with me on my birthday, its a very special gift in itself for me. And I have something for you”

Rohit presented Madhu a gift wrapped in red paper with tiny white hearts on it. Madhumita was amazed “whats this” holding it and turning it around.

“Your return gift, my dear friend, to make my birthday special. Open it please. I want that while cutting cake, you be donned in it.” Rohit was eager to see Madhu’s reaction

Madhumita opened it and was stunned to see a red net knee length dress “Rohit, its awesome. But what was the need…”

Rohit put his finger on Madhu’s lips indicating “shhh….. please wear it today for me”

Rohits request was unavoidable. Madhu went to another room and changed. It looked perfect on her. She made her hairs into a bun with one flick on right cheek.

“Madhu, its looking perfect. Wow, let me click you” Rohit took out his mobile and clicked Madhu. “Thanks again Madhu”

Madhu was feeling awesome and special too for her friend Rohit. “Lets cut the cake and start the celebration” Madhu looked at the dark chocolate cake on centre table in living room

Rohit cut the cake and Madhu sung birthday song for him. Rohit went to kitchen and brought a Champagne with two glasses. “Now starts the real celebration” Rohit told

“Rohit you know I don’t drink. Please dont offer me this” Madhu pointed towards the glass

Rohit popped the cork and poured the white sparkling liquid in 2 glasses and offered to Madhu “This is not alcohol, its champagne, beautiful ladies cant say no to it, otherwise it gets hurt and heartbroken” flirted Rohit while taking his seat adjacent to Madhu.

Madhu couldn’t resist and agreed. They enjoyed the Champagne with roasted cashews. Madhu again apologised to Rohit for not having gift and promised that she will give it to him after freshers night. Rohit took Madhu’s hand in his own and looked at her and replied “you are my gift…(after a pause) I mean that your friendship is my best gift ever”

Smiled Madhu. Rohit came closer to her and put his lips on her hands.

Madhu could not understand anything and tried pulling her hands off him, but Rohit held them tightly with fingers intermingled. He came even closer to her face. Madhu moved her face away and could even manage to take her hands away. She stood up as a reflex. Rohit too stood up and went close to her. He held Madhu’s face in his hands and looked directly at her eyes. Madhu was not able to make an eye contact and fixed her gaze towards the floor. They could feel each others breath.

Rohit put his lips on her forehead, then eyes and cheeks. Madhu did no effort to resist because she herself wanted to submit to Rohit as an expression of love.Her heart told her that its perfect event to express her heart out to Rohit. As Rohit’s lips came closer to her, she turned away as her mind and heart were in a state of conflict.

She did turn away because her mind was commanding her to stay away. But her heart wanted to shower her love on Rohit, so she stood there only.

Rohit held her shoulders from behind and her heart won the battle. He unzipped her dress from behind, opened her bun and her dress flipped off. She turned around, and hugged Rohit. Rohit put his lips on hers and they were tightly locked. To express her feelings towards Rohit, which she never shared with anyone, not even with Rohit, she submitted herself completely to him.

Next day morning she woke up, to find herself in Rohit’s room in his bed. She could not find her clothes around . Her head was banging. She wrapped a sheet around her and looked for her mobile to call Natasha that she will be reaching the freshers venue in an hour. It was discharged. Then she took Rohit’s mobile and as soon as she was dialling Natasha’s number, there flashed a WhatsApp notification from Aarav, Rohit’s friend

Aarav: finally you got her,congrats bro for your 11th victory, party tonight.

Madhu was stunned. She opened whatsapp and clicked on Aarav.

Aarav : bro, hows ur party. Your plan worked or not

Rohit : my plan never fails. I invested 9 months on her. She was tricky but finally got her. She is the number 11. Mission Madhumita complete and that too thrice, one in living room and twice on my bed

Before Madhumita could understand anything, Rohit entered room with coffee mugs and toast. He sat near Madhu and offered her coffee.

“Madhu I know you will be upset about what ever happened last night. I understand that none of us was ready for this. It all happened because we were not in our senses. I am really sorry, we are friends, and don’t want to ruin our friendship because of one silly night, that too when we were not in our control. I will never tell anyone about it, you too please don’t share it with anyone. We are friends and will remain the same. I hope you understand ”

Madhumita could now understand everything. The night which was meant to be special for her, is silly for Rohit, because he never had any feelings for her. She was only a target that too 11th. She was in a state of anguish and could not even react. She was heart broken.

Rohit dropped her outside the hostel and also handed over the packet containing the pretty red net dress. She walked to her room in a robotic state. Her mind started commanding her, even abused her heart too. She was in a state of conflict between her mind and heart all these 8 days.

Finally she got some courage to face herself and narrated her heart out to Natasha.





Now what, will Madhu be able to get out of this conflict with herself. If yes, how. If no, whats her fate. I will be coming soon with Madhumita’s journey of life.

Together we can achieve better

Anjali was gazing outside the car, but her vision was somewhere else. She was on her way to the capital city to attend the National Youth Award ceremony. Her work in the field of education and women welfare was acknowledged by the government and she was one of the ten selected to be conferred this prestigious award.

“Shall we stop at next restaurant for refreshments” asked Karan, Anjali’s husband who was driving the car.

Anjali did not reply as she was somewhere else. She was far behind in time, 7 years back, when she was 21. She was recalling her journey post her BSc nursing from AIIMS, Delhi.

When Anjali was in her internship, a marriage proposal came her way from a nearby village. Her maternal uncle suggested the match. A junior engineer in PWD, Karan, from a reputed family. Dayaram and Sunita had all reasons to say yes to proposal, and felt relieved. Anjali had no option but to say yes as there was no obvious reason to say no to such a good proposal (as per her friends and parents).

But Anjali was not sure about the marriage as she was confused. She said yes for marriage as she wanted her parents to be happy. But she had a hidden goal. She never talked to anyone about it. Somewhere in her mind, she desires to give her efforts for uplifting women and child health in her native village.

Anjali is the only child of her parents. Sunita had developed severe complications during her pregnancy, which went unnoticed due to ignorance and also lack of access to health care facility. Then in later trimester of pregnancy , she developed eclampsia (fits due to high blood pressure in pregnancy). She remained unconscious for almost 3 days. Doctors could save her life but because of excessive bleeding after delivery, they had to remove Sunita’s womb. In her neighbourhood and school, every one used to taunt Anjali for this, as if she was the reason behind all. It used to pinch her always. Everyone used to say if all this had to happen, God must have given the poor couple a boy instead of girl. Inspite of all taunting she faced, somewhere in her heart, she was nurturing the desire to do something for her village, to spread awareness regarding education and health.

Anjali and Karan started chatting and dating after their engagement. They both started enjoying each others company. Although love bloomed among the two but Anjali was fighting battle in her mind.. Her love or her commitment towards society…. She used to question herself every time that what she is opting for… She was not sure what is more important for her.. Only one month was left for the wedding day. She was facing continuous battle daily with herself. How she will achieve her goal if she marries. After marriage, may be, she won’t be allowed to persue her post graduation. Even if she does persue, may be she won’t be allowed to work on her own. May be she will be pressurised to go for some job. But as she came closer to Karan, she did not want to let him go from her life. What if she refuses to marry and later could not achieve success in her goals? What if she marries and later conflict arises among the two, then everyone will want her to pull out from her path. She even did not apply for any vacancies in state government or anywhere.

As she could not get her answer and fed up of fighting with herself, Anjali decided to share her concern with Karan. She thought it will be better to tell him. May be Karan himself will refuse for marriage after knowing her vision. She met him at CCD.

“hi, anjali…” greeted Karan

Anjali took her chair nearer to Karan “hi, Karan, I want to say something”

Karan nodded “ok”

“karan, I love you….” said Anjali in one go while gazing at Karan.

“ohh… I love you too Anjali” replied Karan holding Anjali’s hands

Anjali dislodged her hands from Karan’s “but…” replied uncomfortable Anjali

“but what Anjali…” chuckled Karan

“I am sorry Karan, but….” Anjali was anxious and bit confused thinking how to tell him

“Sorry for what anjali” Karan asked

“Karan, there is one thing that I want to share with you. I never told anyone about this…. I don’t know how you will react” perplexed Anjali

“Do you love someone else” Karan asked reflexly

“No no… Its not so, I love you…. a lot.. But, there is something else I want to tell you” Anjali replied sipping water

Taking a deep breath she continued “actually I have always dreamt of doing something constructive for my village, since my school days. I want to effort for women health, their empowerment, education…”

“oh.. Ok, I thought something else” laughed Karan

Then Anjali told everything how her mother had to suffer due to inaccessibility to health care facilities and ignorance and lack of knowledge on the part of her father. How these kind of mishaps can be prevented by making people aware.

“so, whats your concern now… I mean, whats puzzling you now” asked Karan

“karan, I want to do my postgraduation in Community Public Health Nursing, I mean I want to tell you, I need your help. I am not willing to opt for any job. After marriage, I am not sure how will you react. After marriage I will be expected to bear baby soon….all the responsibilities of married life may not allow me to persue my postgraduation. May be you don’t want a wife who is working in rural area for public welfare. This work requires commitment. I am concerned, may be I will not provebto be a good, obedient wife. I love you and don’t want to hurt you later so I decided to tell you all… ” Anjali completed

Karan laughed “Anjali, I too love you dear. Being close to you makes me feel worth loving. Now, I feel more lucky, after knowing how beautiful you are at heart. I too come from a rural background. I understand all your concerns. In fact I am really impressed”

Anjali asked in hesitation “what about our marriage”

Karan replied holding her hands once again “we will marry. Marriage is not about gaining command over you. The partners are complimentary to each other Anjali. I want a life partner not a bonded woman. I am with you in all your decisions. In fact why do you restrict only to your village, we will outstrech to larger area dear. You continue your studies. We together will achieve your goal…. I love you” and Karan put his lips on the hands of Anjali…..

Anjali felt so delightful recalling the past, that she decided to talk to Karan about her apprehension before marriage. He was the first person with whom she shared her idea. How much she was struggling before talking to him. But Karan always stood by her in her journey through out. He became her strength. They got married, she went to UK for her postgraduation. Karan convinced his parents and showed trust in Anjali. It was easier to achieve her goal only because of Karan. May be alone, it would have been a difficult path. But Karan made it possible. Together they started their journey with foundation of love, trust and respect. She cherished the joy of journey on unknown path with her soulmate that eventually leads to her destination. Now Anjali has plans of expansion of her work to other areas as well and she is confident that ‘together we can achieve better’ on the path of life.