#5 MADHUMITA : Feeling Insecure…. Is It Love?

Madhumita and Aarav enjoyed each others company on that rainy day along with the shoot. They both stayed at Neeta’s house that night. Next day also they worked together and edited the pics as well. In the evening Neeta returned with the family. She was really impressed with the work Aarav showed her. “Madhu, dear you look amazing and Aarav you present her so sensuous, that too without revealing her face. You are better than what I thought earlier. Your pics are really doing wonders and I am getting pretty wonderful response and orders too. They handed her the pen drive with images and her house keys and left for their hostel.

Days passed and Aarav and Madhumita lived their lives and were determined enough towards their goals (although they never told each other about these goals). Madhumita used to take daily tuition and the number of children increased and her monthly income did rise to 30 thousand , which she was saving in her account for future. Aarav got few more projects with Neeta’s referral and also because of his Instagram account. He did shoot for some restaurants and also few other boutiques. And both of them use to have sex whenever time and situation did permit , but the condition remained same, that is no commitment.

Aarav was getting offers as assistant to big fashion photographers too. But he was waiting for the right time and he did never reveal anyone about what is the right time, not even with Natasha or Madhumita.

Madhumita took care of his studies and assignments as well. But this year Aarav became more irregular in his classes because he was more involved in his passion. He was also having faith in Madhumita, that she will help him out in final year as well. She proved a real good friend, of course with benefits. All these days made her grow and mature enough that she is now focused towards her goal, her career and everything other than this was never a matter of concern to her.

Three months passed. After her class, Madhumita was waiting for Aarav in the canteen. She was busy with her book while waiting for Aarav. As she looked up, Rohit was standing beside her. She got a little shocked to see Rohit, as she did not expect him.

“Oh!!! Hi Rohit, what’s up” Madhu started conversation.

“Fine, absolutely” replied Rohit “May I sit here” pointing towards the chair next to her.

“Oh, sure. But I am expecting Aarav, he will be coming soon. Till then you may sit Rohit” replied Madhu with a smile.

“Thanks Madhu, hows life going” Rohit tried to continue conversation as Madhu was involved in her books.

Madhu closed her books and replied with soberity “Everything is PERFECT Rohit, you say”

“So you are hooked up with Aarav nowadays, right” Rohit asked being straight forward.

Madhu did laugh and replied “Ohh!!! So this is the gossiping now a days in campus, interesting”

“Gossiping? what do you mean by gossiping? Everyone knows that what’s going on between you and Aarav” Rohit continued.

“Oooo, really, tell me, whats going on between me n him” Madhu was now a little serious.

“You both are dating and hooked up. And that’s why you avoid me” Rohit showed a little anger.

“Ohh!! Really, I can feel someone is feeling jealous” replied Madhumita while raising her eyebrows as questioning Rohit. She was trying to keep the conversation light.

“Why will I be jealous Madhu. I am just concerned about you. You are my friend, that’s why. What did you see in that Aarav, he is a looser and good for nothing. Everyone in college knows this” Rohit tried to show concern while putting his right hand at Madhumita’s left shoulder.

Madhumita looked at Rohit’s hand and lifted it with her right hand and placed it back on Rohit’s lap “Thanks Rohit for showing this much concern, but don’t mind I can very well think about what’s good or bad for me. I am very clear about my goals and am pretty clear about what I am doing. I am not a kid Rohit. You need not worry about me” replied Madhu with a dignified smile.

She continued “And by the way, why you felt that I am ignoring you. I always greet you whenever we come across, don’t I?” raising her right eyebrow in question while looking directly into Rohit’s eyes.

“Yaa….., but you don’t reply to my messages” Rohit got irritated.

“Which messages Rohit, I always reply to your messages, just check them” Madhumita was very firm in her tone now.

She continued “you don’t have to worry about me Rohit. Please, did I ever question you about whom you dated in past or present. That’s your personal life. Yaa, its true that once we had sex that too because of influence of alcohol. You were apologitic for the same. Did I even blame you for that, I forgot it and moved forward. We remained friends after that too. And please be a little introspective Rohit, you avoided me after that night, that incident. I had typhoid and did you ever call me then? You yourself avoided me, now when you are feeling that I am dating Aarav, you are feeling jealous. Its simple to understand. Let me be very clear I am not dating anyone, I don’t think about getting hooked up. I am pretty clear why I am here and I am dedicated towards my goals only. Even if, I date someone, why do you think that I will let you or anyone in this college know. I am not answerable to you for sure. ” Madhumita replied very straight forward and it was almost like a spank to Rohit.

Rohit stood up and left the canteen in rage. Aarav was entering the canteen and saw Rohit getting up from Madhumita’s table. On the way Aarav greeted Rohit “Hi Rohit, what’s up bro”

Rohit gave a stare look to Aarav while walking off the canteen. Aarav understood that something grim happened in between Rohit and Madhumita. He took his chair in front of Madhumita “sorry Madhu darling, I got little late”

koi ni, its good that you were late, somethings got clear infact” giggled Madhumita and looked back towards the gate, making sure that Rohit left the canteen.

“by the way, if you want to share, you can tell me what happened just now,…. I mean he was too furious while leaving, did not even answer to my HI” winked Aarav with a naughty smile.

Mujhe gyaan de raha tha, kamina kahi ka, mot#erf#cยฃer” replied Madhumita in a relaxing pose.

“Oooooo teri, bhaaari, must be some serious issue” surprised Aarav hearing Madhumita using words in a DON way.

“Yaa, of course. Was saying… don’t date Aarav, he is good for nothing” said Madhu and laughed.

“Hmm, what did you say then?” asked Aarav.

“I said we are not dating, we are friends” Madhu replied while calming in her chair. She added “we are fu#king friends” and both of them gave a high five and laughed.

Madhumita was feeling victorious that evening because she never ever thought that she will manage to be with Rohit like this, spanking him by her words, making him walk away. It was her inner fear ‘how will you react Madhu if Rohit comes close to you’. Today she conquered her fear. ‘OMG, he touched you Madhu, and you removed his hand off yourself’ and moreover she felt like a victorious queen ‘wow, you even talked with him about that night, which made you thought once that your life is over’. She was happy that she could put the blame of being ignorant on him. It was the most joyous moment for her ‘you are pretty cool girl, now ready for your goals and everything else is secondary, bravo!!!!’

Next day morning while going to the workout, Madhu did tell the entire incidence of canteen to Natasha. Natasha commented “meri dost kaanta ho gayi, aiso ki to hamesha KLPD karni chahiye” both laughed and started with their daily routine including stretching and warm up exercises. Aarav came late that morning. Till then Madhu ran with Natasha and Vishal. Vishal noticed that Madhumita’s endurance is quite good. She did complete 8 km run in 50 minutes only and that too without getting tired. After that she started with her yoga and was joined by Aarav. After the completion of his morning routine, Vishal went where both were sitting and said “Madhu, do you run this much daily”

“yaa, infact we both run this much daily” replied Madhumita.

“Ohh!! Great. I have an idea for you then, if you want to know then you both have to give me a treat in canteen in the evening. Me and Natasha both” Vishal gave them an option.

“Sirji, anything for you” both Madhumita and Aarav replied in a chorus and looked at each other. All four decided to meet in canteen in the evening.

All four gathered in the evening. When they reached the canteen, Rohit was sitting with his friend. Madhu greeted Rohit from far. Rohit ignored her. Soon he finished with his coffee and left the canteen. As soon as he did leave, Natasha looked at Madhu with her eyes wide open and they both smiled at each other, as if they are celebrating their another victory.

Aarav and Madhu served the orders. “have this, your idli with sambhar sirji” Aarav served Vishal. Madhu served Natasha and Vishal their favourite cold coffee. “Natasha, your half fry omelette will take 5 minutes darling” said Madhu.

As soon as they started to enjoy their favourite items, Aarav initiated “bolo sirji, we are waiting for your idea”

“No, No….. First let my omelette be served….. , relax Aarav, whats the hurry yaar” interrupted Natasha.

Soon, Madhu served her. “Now tell sirji” Natasha smiled.

“OK, actually I saw Madhu running today and her endurance too. I really think that she should participate in half marathons, that happens across India.” Vishal shared his idea.

“Sirji, today I was late. But I also run same with her daily. I too have a great stamina” Aarav interrupted.

“OK, this idea is for both of you” laughed Natasha while having a bite of her omelette.

“Its great. Never thought about it. But half marathon will be too much. Its approximately 21 kms, right” Madhumita was concerned.

“Yes, but you can start with 10 km run” Vishal explained “If you run 10 km, soon you both will start running 21 kms as well with ease, its not that difficult. Full marathon is different. If you want, you can participate in Delhi Half Marathon, scheduled next month. Apply in 10 km run. Its upto you guys”

“Yaa, good idea, what’s your opinion Aarav, we can try it. Its in Delhi only, so don’t have to go anywhere.” Madhumita did sound excited.

“Moreover, you will have a reason to roam to various cities across India for participating in different half marathons. you will meet different people, have new friends and followers” Natasha added.

“Yaa, sure. Lets get registered” Aarav replied.

“Hey Natasha, how’s your preparations for upcoming Asian Games yaar. Only 2 months remaining.” asked Aarav.

“Yaa, pretty well” replied Natasha with thumbs up.

“I know how much you are determined and dedicated Natasha. You will make us and the whole nation proud” Madhu showed trust in Natasha.

“Thanks yaar, Next week we both are leaving for regular practice with National team coach. Games are very close and we have to follow the protocols” replied Natasha.

“Best of luck to both of you and if you finish in stipulated time, you will also receive medals and certificates” Vishal wished both Madhu and Aarav luck for Delhi half marathon.

“Yaa, thanks Vishal sirji, we will see the details and get ourselves registered. It will keep us motivated for maintaining our health and we will learn something from this, also we will be able to various places” Aarav hugged Vishal while saying and all of them left the canteen.

Next day, Aarav registered himself and Madhumita online. He called Madhumita “Hi, we both are registered now for 10 km run. I did it, will send you the screen shot”

“OK” replied Madhumita

“listen……, when are you buying your new camera, so that I can get yours permanently” continued Madhu

“next month, on my birthday” replied Aarav “my mother is giving me the birthday gift”

“Oh!!! great, what do you want gift from me on your birthday” Madhu asked from other side.

tu to bahut de rahi hai meri jaan” replied Aarav being naughty

“I am not your jaan. Its for both. So, I will have to wait for around 2 weeks for owning my own DSLR” Madhu replied.

“you will get before our marathon” replied Aarav

“Ok, I am waiting” Madhu sighed.

Madhu was really waiting since long for her 1st DSLR, although second hand, but she considered that too as an advantage. She will get the camera of Aarav, whom she can ask all the basics and details of clicking good images. Although she learned a lot from him while modelling with him. She also used his camera for clicking, but it was all under supervision of him. Now, she can get use to it, in her last 5 months of graduation. She was really excited as these may be the only months left with her friends in this campus. After completion of graduation what all of them will opt, only time will tell. She is sure to opt for postgraduation but she is still not decided about doing MBA in finance or post graduation in research analysis . She never discussed it with anyone. She was more interesetd in doing MBA. Aarav never discussed what he is looking upto. His IPS dad wants him to appear in Civil Services, he wants same or not, no one knows. Natasha’s decision depends on whats her performance in upcoming Asian games. So, Madhumita wanted to capture as many pics as possible to create her lifetime memories with her friends and campus.

Natasha packed her bags and was ready to leave hostel to join the National team. While leaving she hugged Madhu and said “I know you are grown up girl now…., but still I am saying…., continue to grow my dear. Take life as a challenge and never fear. You are my strong girl. Always be ready for the change and don’t forget to keep all options open. ”

” Sure Natasha, its because of you only, that I am living my life. You changed my attitude dear. My best wishes are always with you.” Madhu replied with a smile of gratitude.

Natasha left the hostel. Now, she will be giving her best efforts with all the athletes along with Vishal. Its going to be her first international experience. But as she trained with Vishal, she was confident enough to get a podium finish.

One week later, on his birthday, Aarav too went to his hometown, to celebrate it with his family, particularly with his mother, as his father was out of town for few days for official work. When he returned back, he took Madhumita for the dinner at The Lalit, Connaught Place , to celebrate his belated birthday. While having dinner, Aarav did show Madhu a pack of chocolate sauce.

“what’s this?” asked Madhu

“Dessert for tonight” Aarav winked at Madhu

“Oooooo……., so we are going at your place tonight” Madhu said

“Don’t you want to give me my birthday gift ? ” said Aarav and continued ” and your return gift as well, you are waiting for so long”

” Hey, your camera is my earned thing. I worked as model for your project. Its not a gift, I did earn it by my hard work” Madhu was explaining ” although my work made many things even harder” and winked with a naughty smile

” make mine harder tonight, please ” Aarav was getting witty

” of course, Chocolate is my favourite and also buy vanilla icecream for better experience” Madhu replied with a sensuous smile.

After dinner, they went to Aarav’s room, as Madhu wanted to give him a birthday gift. On the way, Aarav bought Vanilla Icecream as desired by Madhu. For Aarav and Madhu, what’s better than being together post a romantic dinner and having so much horny ideas to celebrate probably the last birthday of Aarav together in the campus. So, both of them decided to make it a special one.

Next day morning, they both did escape their morning ritual as they were busy in another ritual together. While leaving after making love, Aarav handed over the DSLR to Madhu. “Thank you Madhu for being with me and this wonderful birthday gift” Aarav kissed on her right cheek.

“I also got my return gift dear” winked Madhu and put her lips on his chest, kissed and held him at his back. Then she lifted her head and looked at his face and gave a smile of contentment. Aarav kissed her forehead, holding her face in his palms and said “now you leave dear, otherwise ek aur session ho jayega, feel it, its getting harder again” he caressed her hairs back with his fingers, showering his love on the beauty.

“hmm” replied Madhu nodding her head in acceptance. She continued “Next sunday is our run dear, don’t forget”

“Yaa, of course, lets see. It will be altogether a different experience” replied Aarav wearing his T-shirt.

On Sunday, they both reached Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, almost 30 minutes before scheduled time. They did collect their event kit the prior evening. Madhu wore her black trackpant with the T-shirt provided in the kit. Her hairs made to a french pleat. Aarav wore his black shorts with the event T-shirt. When they were waiting for the start, Madhu noted that Rohit is also there along with his friend.

Their run started with flag off. They enjoyed the run and got clicked in between by the professionals. Madhu finished it in 70 minutes and Aarav in around 60 minutes. At the finish line, they got clicked again. As they were collecting their medals and certificates, Rohit came and showed his certificate stating time as 54 minutes. He tried to outshine Aarav stating “See, I did complete in less time as compared to Aarav”

Madhumita immediately replied “Wow, Rohit… I guess among all of us you finished fastest”

“Yes of course, even he finished after me” Rohit pointed at his friend.

“Really amazing dear, lets celebrate. Hey Aarav, Rohit is best among us today in this run. He is throwing a treat to celebrate this. Lets go for a lunch treat.” Madhu tried to show that she is really impressed by Rohit, or may be she was really impressed.

By this response of Madhu, Rohit got the boost he was wanting. He warmly hugged Madhu and replied “thanks Madhu. As you wish, lets have a lunch together”

“ofcourse Rohit, we all three will accompany you in your celebration” Madhu was quick in her reply.

All four went to their respective rooms to get ready. It wad decided that Rohit will pick them on his way. Madhu wore the same red net dress which Rohit did gift her around 2 years ago. Rohit smiled at Madhu, while she was sitting in his car’s front seat “looking fabulous, as always” he commented while she was wearing seat belt.

Madhu did say nothing but a broad smile she did flaunt at Rohit. Then they both picked Aarav and another friend of Rohit. “So, what’s the venue” asked Madhu looking at Rohit.

“where ever you say” replied Rohit hitting a smile back.

“hmm, so guys you suggest something. How will be BBQN” she gave her opinion.

Rohit’s friend immediately replied “yaa, best idea”

“OK, lets go to BBQN” Rohit replied

Aarav was sitting idle, not much interested.

They reached there and took a table for 4. Aarav was expecting Madhumita to sit with him. But she preferred sitting with Rohit and in front of Aarav.

Madhu ordered cocktail for herself and rest 3 ordered beer for themselves. While enjoying the starters, Rohit was taking special care of Madhu. Aarav felt a little uncomfortable seeing Madhumita with Rohit as she was with ease in Rohit’s company. ‘How can she be so comfortable with Rohit. Is she attracted towards him. May be yes. He is smart and rich. May be Madhu is impressed by him. But still….how can she do all this in front of me…. yaa.. there is no commitment…but still she should not flirt in front of me….. it would have been better to have missed this lunch today….’ – thought Aarav.

Madhu could judge Aarav’s state of mind. She tried to involve him as well in the talks. She even tried to convince him by her eyes and gestures that everything is OK and he try to be comfortable, but all in vain. After done with starters, Madhu went to buffet counter and while leaving she signaled Aarav to follow her a little later. When she was at buffet counter, Aarav left the table and went there. “what are you doing, chad gayi hai kya tujhe. Itna lift kyu de rahi hai usko” Aarav looked angry over Madhumita.

“Hold on Aarav, why are you so furious. I am trying to convince you that relax and chill, still you are not getting it” Madhu tried to calm him.

“How can I relax and chill. He is touching you repeatedly. He is getting so close to you. I can’t bear with all these things, why did you ask him for this stupid party. As if we are dying to get this. Have we never been to BBQN and various other places” Aarav was in no mood to listen. He continued “Or are you really impressed that he finished better than me, so may be he is better in bed too. Thats why you are trying to get close to him” Aarav was totally out of his senses seeing Madhumita getting close to another guy. He was so furious that he himself did not know what he is saying.

Madhu was calm enough. She was aware of his state of mind and the feeling of jealous that he is going through. In her heart, infact, she was happy to see Aarav’s reaction when she was giving attention to another guy. It fulfilled her ego too. A boy she is having sex with, that too without commitment, is now being possessive for her. It made her feel really special. She did not mind a single word of Aarav. Moreover she enjoyed getting attention of two boys at the same time.

“There is something that I will tell you later, you please control yourself. Its evident from your face, that you are being jealous. Please believe me. Will explain you everything later.” Madhu held his hand in hers, caressing with her fingers and looking straight in his eyes. She was successful too in getting him calm down.

Madhumita took for herself noodles and strawberry pastry. Little later, Aarav too returned to table with his plate. He was looking calmer than before. He had a smile too on his face, although fake. But he tried atleast, that was enough for Madhumita.

Madhumita continued to converse with Rohit and Aarav, giving more attention to Rohit. Rohit was like on top of the world as Madhu is giving more attention to him than Aarav. It was satisfying his ego and now he was sure that ultimately he will snatch her from Aarav.

Next day on their morning ritual, Aarav arrived early and waited eagerly for Madhu, to know what she is going to tell. Madhu was surprised “Hi Aarav, good morning. You came early, everything OK”

“no, not Ok. I could not sleep the whole night” replied Aarav looking eagerly at Madhu.

“Why you did not call me then, I would have loved to come to make you sleep” winked Madhu

“Arey, I am serious and you are kidding. Come on tell me. What was the thing you were talking about” Rohit was behaving like a kid.

“will tell you, but not now” Madhu tapped his shoulders “come on, let’s not waste this lovely morning. Start running, we are already late now” Madhu started running.

Aarav couldn’t understand Madhu. How can she be so relaxed. Or she really feels that he is good for nothing, like his father feels, and even Rohit feels. Is she really attracted towards Rohit. He definitely looks better than him. All these questions were storming in his brain. He did start running. But his mind was restless because his vision was blurred due to all these brain storming.

Why was Aarav feeling possessive for Madhu. Was it love ? Or it was just a jealous reaction that his sexual partner is now getting closer to another guy, who also looks better than him. Was he worried just because he may loose the comfort of fucking Madhu , if she chooses Rohit over him.

Why was Madhmita getting close to Rohit. Is it because that Rohit was her first love and now when he is taking efforts to get closer to her, she too wants the same. What’s the thing that Madhu wanted to tell Aarav. How their life evolves in coming time.

And yes, Why Aarav never shared about his goals to anyone. Why is he not comfortable in revealing what he has in his mind……

So much to think about… we will see in next chapter how Madhumita’s Journey of Life evolves…..

Till then try to introspect about your relationships and commitments…Are you being fair in them….keep thinking…

with lots of love to my readers……๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

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