#4 MADHUMITA : A New Beginning

Madhumita woke up before Natasha the next day and got ready for the first day of her morning workout with her new friends. She wore khaki shorts paired with maroon tanktop. She tied her long hairs to high pony. She gave herself a little makeover by nude shade of lip primer and brown eyeliner. Natasha was looking at Madhumita and said “Madamji, we are not going in a fashion show” and laughed.

Madhumita replied “so what, I mean, yaa….. but one should be presentable everytime….. whats wrong in looking good during walking n stretching as well”. Madhu was really excited and Natasha could see it very clear.

They both reached the ground where Vishal and Aarav were already running. When they reached closer, Aarav could not resist his laughter after having a look at Madhu “Hey baby, its not a fashion show”

Madhu replied angrily ” why are you looking at me, better do your work”

Vishal and Natasha laughed at Aarav and Vishal said “baat to sahi keh ri hai ye ladki, tu taad hi kyu raha hai isko, concentrate on your running”

Natasha did demonstrate the stretching exercises and warm up to Madhu, explaining her in details, what to do and what to take care of. Madhu followed her in a very determined way and grasped the details as well, as she is a very good student and observer too. After the warmup session, Natasha asked Madhu to walk in the ground and she started her running and joined Vishal. Madhu did her brisk walking and soon Aarav joined her after done with his running “Thank God, you joined us, nai to ye dono to meri band baja dete hai, now I got a non athlete companion” and smiled at Madhu. Madhu stared at him.

They both walked together. Aarav tried talking to Madhu, but she was not interested in any of his talks. She was only interested to complete the walking target for today. When she completed her target, she sat in the ground to relax. Aarav sat with her. Just to remind Aarav that he is so irresponsible student, Madhu started to talk about the assignment they were supposed to submit this week. “I am almost done with the assignment”

Aarav replied in a tense voice “ohh, really, great. We still have 5 more days to submit…. Oh, again an assignment, actually I really feel that these assignments fu#k my @ss.”

” Its interesting to complete them and they also gives us exposure” Madhu said “why do you feel that way” she raised her shoulders in surprise.

“To fu#k with the exposure…. , and the only interesting thing I found is photography, its my passion….. Well! I hope you don’t mind helping me out with this assignment work. Please Madhumita, you are such a nice girl,… studious, hard working, dedicated, please help me… Please Madhu… ” Aarav was now in a buttering mood.

” Ok…. I will help you” Madhumita replied giving a smile when he saw this aspect of Aarav, which was like a kid.

She helped Aarav in his assignment completion and for the first time did Aarav submit it in time. Aarav wanted to give a treat of his achievement to Madhu. So he took her to canteen. Initially Madhu was a bit hesitant to go to canteen, but all her excuses failed in front of KID Aarav… She really found Aarav to be really kind hearted, kiddish boy, who just never takes any tension and always keeps cool. He lives only in present day, never discussed his past with her, always very cheerful, and he has a positive aura which was magnetic to Madhumita. So she agreed to go to canteen with him after submission of their assignments. Madhu did learn from Aarav that one has to let go off the past and just be in today…. only today.

They took a table in the centre of canteen. Aarav asked “yes Madhu, tell me what do you want to take… Tea, coffee or cold drink”

“I will have a coffee with a vegetable sandwich” replied Madhu

“ok, but don’t forget to do extra 2 rounds of running tomorrow, or you may miss your target” smiled Aarav

He went to order. Same time, Rohit entered the canteen with his friend. He saw Madhumita sitting alone in canteen. He went to her and greeted her “Hi Madhu, long time yaar. Where have you been so long? ”

Madhumita had to face what she was trying to avoid since so long,….. Yes, contact with Rohit!!! But she did not panic or showed any signs of anxiety in facing him. She replied with a smile “Hi Rohit. How are you!!…eehhh…I had typhoid you know. And later I got busy with the classes and studies and assignments. You say, hows life”

Rohit took the chair and was about to sit “I am also OK Madhu… ”

Madhu interrupted “oh!! Sorry Rohit but I am waiting for Aarav, I hope you don’t mind to take another table…… Please” with a broad smile and also spark in her eyes.

Rohit could not understand how to react when he heard this “ohh, sure. I will.. take another table…. you people continue”

By this time Aarav came back with the sandwiches and coffee. He gave a smile to Rohit “hi bro, what’s up”

“all good, you people enjoy” replied Rohit and went to another table. He was continuously gazing Madhu as he never thought that Madhu will react like this. ‘Madhu who used to do anything to please me , oblige me. She asked me to take another table. How come? Is she dating Aarav…… she ignored me, I mean every second girl in college wants to be with me, this small town girl ignored me!! ‘ there were waves of tsunami of such questions inside Rohit.

Aarav and Madhu finished with their treat and Madhu took out her mobile and clicked a selfie with Aarav “I will upload this on Instagram and Fb, shall I tag you as well”

“Yaa, sure, why not.” replied Aarav

“Aren’t you on Insta” asked Madhu to Aarav.

“Actually I have Instagram account and you follow me as well” replied Aarav with a smile.

“I dont think so, I don’t follow you” Madhu looked at him.

“You follow me there and like all my posts and many times you also comment on my posts” Aarav was so sure.

Madhu took out her mobile and opened Instagram following list and put it in front of Aarav “See, there is no Aarav in this list”

Aarav took her mobile, scrolled a little and opened account @passionatefotografer and handed over to Madhu. She laughed at him, “kuch bhi… I may be a fool but not this much. Do you have any idea, this account is such brilliant. All pics so awesome. And it has 20 k followers…. see.”

“OK, wait” replied Aarav. He took out his mobile and texted something. There was a notification in Madhu’s mobile. She looked, it was a message from @passionatefotografer saying ‘Hi Madhu’

She was awestruck “OMG, is it really you Aarav. I cant believe this. All your clicks are so wonderful. I still can’t believe. You have more than 20k followers yaar. And I used to think that you are a spoilt brat of an IPS.”

She continued “I am really sorry, uptil now I belived that you are so irresponsible and careless and kiddish. But you have such a great talent.” Madhu was overwhelmed.

Aarav was polite and kept his mobile back in his pocket. “shhhhhh….. Its between you and me only and also Natasha. But please don’t tell this to anyone.”

Madhu could not understand “But why, why you want to keep it a secret. You are a star, why you don’t want to take credit of your work”

“These 20 k followers are giving me my due credit. And their comments and likes boosts the photographer inside me dear. There are some issues, will tell you some other time”

“OK, as you wish. You never told me earlier.. Hmm. And seriously I am sorry, I judged you earlier to be a person good for nothing” Madhumita was apologetic.

“Hmm, you deserve a punishment….. Let me think…. You have to take care of my studies. Exams are near, its now your duty to make sure that I dont fail in exams” both laughed and left the canteen.

Madhu and Aarav started to study together in class rooms. They often visited canteen together. Many times Madhu had an encounter with Rohit. Madhu use to pass a smile to Rohit whenever they used to cross each other. Rohit started to follow her more precisely on Fb and Instagram. Always used to love her pics and posts and never failed to leave a comment praising her.

Madhu never gave a damn to Rohit’s comments on social media. She used to like all the comments and no special treatment for Rohit’s comments.

Madhu was so much involved with herself. Daily morning workouts, then college and study with Aarav. On weekends, if all four free, Madhu, Natasha, Aarav and Vishal use to go either movies or dinner.

These 3 months passed very fast for Madhu. It was the last exam of their 2nd year. All were happy and relaxed. Madhu and Aarav had no plans to leave campus because of their own reasons.

Madhu asked Aarav “Can you please teach me basics of photography as we are in campus and have lots of free time”

“surS Madhu, why not. You helped me out if this exam dear. Otherwise I would have been murdered by my dad… Hahaha” replied Aarav

“Listen, I am thinking of taking tuition classes. It will help me in raising funds for my hobbies and also now this is our final year, I have to be more sincere towards my goals” told Madhu

“Great yaar. Do one thing. Be my model as well. So I will click you and also tell you the basics. By the way, what are your goals”

“Not given a thought to my goals” giggled Madhumita and tried to avoid Aarav question “you really want me to be your model, but my face in your posts may reveal your identity”

“Don’t worry, I will use only your curves to flaunt the fashion and face will be hidden, that will be my work and headache. Neither your nor mine identity will be revealed”

“Ohh, but so many dresses, that too latest trends will require a lot of funding, how’s it possible” questioned Madhu.

“You know, one fashion designer, who runs a boutique in Lajpat nagar, approached me on Instagram at DM, she wants me to work for her. To click her products for her social media display and also for online marketing promotion. So I need a model, and you will be the perfect one. I will share with you the profit as well” Aarav winked at Madhu with a sweet smile and sparkle in his eyes “This will be my first assignment as a professional, it will be kind enough if you please agree. I will spare your face, promise…. and will use all your curves in such a way ki ladko ki bandook apne aap fire karengi….please yaar, your identity will remain a secret as I have kept mine”

“OK, but model’s identity is not being recognised, how will I enjoy my modelling.. aur bandook ne fire kiske liye kiya yehi pata na chale… to kya fayda” laughed Madhu and agreed for working with Aarav. She also suggested him that she will be happy to have his old DSLR camera, rather than share in his profit, whenever he buys new. She was excited for her joint venture with Aarav that too modelling, which she never ever gave a thought about.

She uploaded her profile online as maths tutor. Soon she got 2 batches, one each for class 7th and 8th. 8 students per batch. She started earning 20 k per month from tuitions. In the evening she used to go to Model Town to take tuitions, 2 hours daily. She also started modelling for Aarav and his first clint Neeta, who was a fashion designer and had her boutique Style Mantra at Lajpat Nagar. As she decided to expand her business, to go online as well and customised tailoring too, she was looking for a good photographer for the shoots. She was one of the followers of @passionatefotografer, once she did DM about the idea and asked if he could do this. Aarav went to meet her and talked and things worked for both and agreed. Aarav wanted money as well for his hobby and also for future endeavour (which he never shared with anyone). So he decided to take this opportunity and it will help him to evolve in his passion. And Madhumita as his model was the plus point because they both were comfortable enough to work with each other and their schedule was also same…. so no problem about time issues and availability.

Aarav and Madhu worked together on this new project and he clicked and presented her so sensuous, that even Madhu could not believe her pics. And the most differentiating feature was that none of the pics was revealing the identity of Madhumita. They both enjoyed the work. For the shoots they either used to go to the boutique or Neeta’s home. They also clicked at Kutub Minar and Humayun’s Tomb and various other places.

Three months passed, Madhu was too involved in her routine. Mornings workout. Now she and Aarav used to jog. They jogged for around 7 to 8 kms daily followed by stretching exercises. Then her classes. In evening, she used to go to take tuition classes. Also committed to her modelling, whenever required she always took a break from her daily schedule.

Aarav was now more focused towards his passion, photography. He was fortunate enough to have Madhu as companion for studies as well. He was performing better than his previous years in college. His followers increased on Instagram and he used to get links and invites in the comments on his uploaded pics. Many established photographers also followed him on Instagram. Many of them offered him to be their assistant. But Aarav wanted to finish with his graduation first and then give a thought for adopting his passion as career or may follow his father’s aspirations. He was not sure about what he may choose.

It was raining. Aarav decided to shoot in such a pleasant weather. He called Neeta “Hello Mrs Neeta, its a lovely weather today. I think it will be great to click some pics today. Mainly to promote the sarees that you design. They will look hot and more sensuous”

“But today I am not in Delhi. I will be leaving in a short while for a wedding in Chandigarh with my family” replied Neeta

“Ohh,…. we can do one thing. You give us the sarees, we will click them and when you return I will show you the pics” suggested Aarav

“ahhh.. You people do one thing, come to my house. I will give you the sarees collection with blouses. And you can use my studio room for indoor shoots and terrace gardem for outdoor shoots to capture the rain as well” Neeta came up with the idea.

“yaa, wonderful!! I will just call Madhu, and in 30 minutes we will try to reach there. Thanks for cooperation” replied Aarav with gratitude.

He called Madhu “Hi Madhu, get ready, I am coming to pick you up for the shoot.” instructed Aarav.

“I have to take a bath and get ready, need around 30 minutes. Will give you a call when I am ready” replied Madhumita

“No need to take bath. We have to reach there in 30 minutes. You just come downstairs, I am coming. You can take bath there only. Take your essentials with you” Aarav replied in a hurry.

” Where are we going” Madhu was asking, but Aarav was in hurry and the call disconnected.

Aarav and Madhu reached Neeta’s home in 30 minutes. Neeta was almost ready to leave with her family. She showed both of them the sarees which were kept with their blouses in her studio room. She told Madhu “you know all the makeup item is in this drawer and the jewellery is kept in this box. Dont hesitate to take eatables from fridge. Be comfortable have a fantastic shoot. We will be back by tomorrow night” Neeta left the house handing over the keys to Aarav.

Madhumita sat on the sofa “Uff, its such a lovely weather and I will miss it because of this shoot”

“Come with me” said Aarav and went to terrace. Madhumita followed him and was surprised to see the terrace garden “Wow, so beautiful!!” Madhu reacted.

“I will shoot here in the rains. Most sensuous pics ever and that too in sarees. These will be mind blowing. You take bath soon and get ready”

Madhu took a quick bath. She draped in a black net saree with a backless blouse. She was looking ultra hot. Aarav put a black hat on her head and in the studio clicked her sitting on chair, face covered with hat and her cleavage too evident. He clicked many pics in different poses.

Then she changed to a yellow shiffon saree with an off shoulder blouse, followed by a red satin embroidered saree.

Then Aarav asked her to wear the white shiffon saree with white blouse. He advised her to wear it with black undergarments to enhance the look. She searched Neeta’s studio room and could find a black net lingerie pair. Madhu got ready and paired with white ear rings from jewellery box.

When Aarav saw Madhu in this avatar, he could not resist praising her beauty and glamorous look. He pointed at top, “this saree in rain” n winked with a smile.

“sabka katal hi karaoge kya” Madhu laughed. They both went to the terrace. Aarav explained her to pose and as it was drizzling, they started to shoot. After few pics, and getting wet due to rain, Madhu’s white saree became almost transparent. Her open hairs became wet. “Madhu few more clicks and almost done babe” said Aarav, focusing towards his work. After taking adequate poses, Aarav was checking the pics taken in his DSLR, Madhumita came close to him, held his T-shirt near his shoulders and put her lips tightly on Aarav’s. She kept lip locked for almost 2 minutes, with eyes closed. She explored whole of Aarav’s mouth with her tongue. Aarav was not able to understand what’s going on. His one hand was occupied with camera and other hand was fanning away in air. Eyes wide open, trying to have a look at Madhumita’s face while she was busy with her tongue and lips. Madhu opened her eyes, looked at Aarav having a blank look. She took her head a little back and raised her eyebrows as if asking ‘what, didn’t you want this’

Aarav, puzzled, and replied “hold on Madhu, or I will really fu#k you”

“Do you think, I kissed you for not being fu#ked. Come on, don’t waste this opportunity. Such lovely weather, we are alone and I really want one” Madhu replied.

“Please understand Madhumita…..” tried explaining Aarav pushing her away

“You really don’t want?… You must have done this many times in your imagination. Lets do it in real” Madhu came closer to him again.

Aarav held her on waist, brought her closer, tried to kiss her, but stopped himself again “Its not possible Madhu” and pushed her back again.

Madhu wanted it badly, she was all prepared. Aarav’s response made her more horny. “Are you gay Aarav, or IT doesn’t workshe moved her hand below his waist, it was quite hard.

“Arey, that’s not the matter yaar. I am not prepared for a relationship….. I have to achieve my goals in life and that’s not easy. I am not in a position of commitment…. You are a dear friend. Don’t want to hurt you. I need you by my side always” replied Aarav.

“Even I don’t want any commitment. We will remain friends. I have no plans for marriage for at least next 5 years. Shadi ni karni to life kya aise hi rukhi jane de… Please yaar, dont show attitude now” pleaded Madhu coming close enough.

“yaar, tu senti ho jayegi fir, mujhe avoid karegi” Aarav was still confused.

“I won’t get senti. Ab mood ki band mat baja. Come on Aarav. Show me your action” Madhu gave a naughty smile and put her hand again on his pubic area and went closer to his left ear and licked there. It was the final spark in the drizzle. Aarav looked at her for a while and grabbed her face and soon the lips were tightly locked. He held her tightly in his arms, and whispered in her ears “never thought that I would get a chance to fu#k you in real”

They both were lost somewhere in the time.

Madhumita and Aarav came close enough during their venture. They both never thought that they would come so close. Once Aarav was a spoilt brat for Madhu and now she handed herself in his arms that too without any commitment. Life is too unpredictable and that’s its real beauty.

What are the goals that these 2 youngsters are chasing in their lives. How will their relationship evolve with time. We will follow in next part. Till then you all have a look at what are your life goals. Lots of love from my side to all my readers ♥️♥️

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