#3 MADHUMITA : Struggle To Find New You

Madhumita now very well understood that MOVING FORWARD is the only option she has. But she was not aware about how to move. Natasha could sensitise her about the beauty of life but how to live this beautiful life, Madhu has to learn herself only.

Madhu started going to college, attending all her classes, working on her assignments, but she always tried to avoid going to canteen. She always tried to give a miss to all those places, where she could find Rohit, because she knew somewhere in her heart that his presence around her may fill her with all that guilt and sorrow again which she is trying to escape.

She restricted herself to her classes and hostel. All her professors and class mates could see the transformation in Madhu, from a very cheerful, lively girl to a very quiet one. She remained dull all the day, did not enjoy humors in class, no gossiping with friends, no talks about the latest fashion and trends, moreover not getting clicked either by self or by friends. She did never go for outing or movies even on weekends. Her presence on social media was also affected, her followers too missed her as she did not post anything in these two months. And the best part was, she has an excuse for her change, ‘Typhoid, it makes you dull, weak and recovery takes a long time’ she had the reply ready if anyone asks ‘Madhu, are you ok?’

It was Natasha’s birthday. In hostel at 12 midnight friends gathered and brought the cake. Natasha cut the cake and gave first piece to Madhumita and also pasted the cream over Madhu’s face.

arey… arey…Natasha, its your birthday, why u put it on Madhumita’s face…” asked a friend amazingly

Natasha replied with a big smile “because she needs a facial badly”.. All friends did burst into laughter and Madhu gave a smile in response.

Madhu went to washroom and deliberately took around 25 minutes to wash off the cream. When she returned to her room, majority of girls had left. She was happy as her efforts worked to avoid contact with all of them at once in her room. Natasha offered her cake “we are going out tomorrow evening for my birthday celebration”

Madhu took the plate and her gaze fixed at cake replied “Natasha, wish you a very happy birthday dear, but I won’t be able to accompany you tomorrow…. ehh…. because……ehh..I have some assignment work in the evening”

Natasha laughed “Madhumita tomorrow is Sunday my darling…. Koi aur accha bahana soch le”

Madhumita squirmed “ohh, no…. no,… actually I thought tomorrow is Saturday,… ehh…. so much stress nowadays,…. exams are also near…. why will I try to avoid your party,….”

Natasha just kept looking at Madhu trying to observe her body language and her facial expressions and soon Madhu could not resist her heart out ” I am sorry Natasha, actually yes, I don’t want to go out…. ”

Natasha interrupted her ” I had typhoid, it causes a lot of weakness and time to recover…. come on give your typical reply, that you are giving to everyone since couple of months… Sahi hai hamara diya hathiyar ham par hi chala lo ab tum….. Chal na yaar kal, we have planned for Hauz khas village… It will be so much fun,… Aur tera ye typhoid ka bahana ab jyada mat kheench, itne dino me to asli typhoid bhi thik ho jaye… Ab kya bechare typhoid ki leke hi manegi” and laughed

Madhu agreed for the next days plan “but I will not take hard drinks there”.

Next day Natasha started to get ready at around 4 pm. Madhu was in no mood to get a makeover for the party. Natasha asked Madhu “madamji, get ready or we will get late”

Madhu replied, “I will take hardly 15 minutes to get ready, dont worry”

Natasha again “oye madam, we are going to Hauz khas village, I want to look superhot today, and yes you too should dress well, kamaal ke bande aur bandiya aate hai yaar, and we are no less than those super hot girls, and you are our beauty queen, lagna chahiye na ki Natasha ke birthday pe saara group mast aaya tha

Madhu in amazed tone… “saara group means, who else

Natasha replied “who else means, yaar hauz khas ja re hai, rukha rukha ni jana, you, me and two of my friends”

” who are your two friends, by the way” asked Madhu

” have faith yaar, you will come to know, you never met them actually, so when we meet you will come to know, and yes Rohit nahi hai for sure” winked Natasha, ” now get ready soon, we have to look hot tonight, and please help me also by your secret tips to a hotty looking girl”

“I dont have any dress to wear” replied Madhu, “I will go in my casuals”

“no way, behanji na ban ab, chal apne asli roop me aja, dikha de is zalim duniya ko ki kya dum hai tujhme, aaj to kai topo ki salami karani hai hame” laughed Natasha and handed over her red net dress, (which was gifted by Rohit) “wear this tonight”

Madhu frowned “are you out of your mind, I mean I am sorry, its your birthday, but this dress was….”

Natasha interrupted “gifted by Rohit, so what, are you afraid that this dress will also fu#k you off, come on, wear this darling, please, hum quality time ke liye ja re hai, to enjoy today, the day we are in now. Why you can’t forget your past, make space in your life for today, come on you are wearing this and no excuses allowed, its my order, I am the birthday girl. Believe me, we will enjoy tonight a lot…..and yes let me be very clear.. ENJOYMENT DOES NOT MEAN ONLY SEX ”

Natasha wore a knee length black skirt with side slits upto mid thigh, paired with an orange top with halter neck with high pony. She wore 3 inch platform heels and glittery earrings, and wine and rum shade of lip primer. Madhu donned the same red net dress paired with her black stilettos and red floral earrings, ruby crush lipstick and her hairs loosely tied with a clutcher. Both were looking super gorgeous. Natasha called her friend “we are ready, lets go”

Natasha and Madhu reached outside the hostel and a cab was waiting there. As soon as they approached the cab, Aarav stepped out of car, awestruck by the two beauties “hi, Natasha, hi Madhumita, you both are looking awesome”

Natasha shook hands with Aarav, “Thankyou” she waved to the other person sitting in the cab front seat “Namaste sirji”. It was Vishal Rana, the common wealth silver medalist. They all took their seats and cab proceeded to Hauz khas village.

Aarav, he is batchmate of Madhumita, but they never interacted uptil now. He is a son of IPS Amar Saxena. His father wants him to aspire for civil services. But Aarav’s aspirations are different from his father’s. He wants to be a photographer, professional photographer . He was from the same town as Natasha, and both did their 12th from same school. Looks wise, he is not very hot, but neither bad, you can say average guy with a dusky complexion but good dressing sense. Height aroun 5 feet 9 inches, physique was good, because he used to do morning workout with Natasha. Madhumita never liked Aarav because according to her, he is not sincere and also miss the classes frequently. Even if present, he used to remain unattentive, never submit assignments in time, so Madhumita always avoided him, considering him a spoilt brat of an IPS officer.

Vishal Rana is a Common Wealth Games medalist. He won silver medal in last common wealth games, in 200 meter run. He is the heartthrob of whole college. 3rd year student and pride of whole nation. He is 6 feet 3 inches in height with an athletic body and army cut hairs. Broad shoulders and six pack abs. He is a college celebrity. Most girls use to talk about him but he never talk to any of them. When he practices, many girls just roam around the ground just to have a glance of him while in action. Natasha is also in running and national champion. She practices with Vishal and hence they know each other. Vishal has faith that Natasha is capable of performing well internationally too as she is national record holder. Both are preparing to represent India in next Asian Games. So they both train together and are inspiration and motivation to each other.

On the way, Madhumita did not speak much. She was little nervous to be at Hauz Khas. But as Natasha stood by her during past 2 months in her time of distress, she wanted to be with her on her birthday. But she was not comfortable with two new men in her company, that too Aarav, who she believes to be a bad student and another Vishal, who is so attractive to resist.

They reached their destination of the evening, Moonlovers pub and restaurant. Aarav was the one who suggested and Madhumita had been to such a happening place for the first time. They took a table for four. Natasha sat with Aarav on one side of table and Madhumita was left with Vishal on another side. There was a DJ as well. After getting comfortable, Natasha and Aarav were checking the menu. Natasha asked Madhu her choice “anything you suggest Natasha” replied Madhu with a fake smile.

Natasha ordered Sun Kiss (vodka with mango juice and lemonade) for Madhu and Beach lady (vodka with orange juice and litchi juice) for self. Aarav and Vishal ordered Tuborg pints for themselves.

Madhu dared to ask Natasha “Natasha you ordered mocktail for me na dear”

“of course darling” replied Natasha giggled and continued “Madhumita, you must be aware of Aarav, he is your class mate. We were school mates actually”

“hmm, ohh” Madhu stared at Aarav with a fake smile on her lips “hi Aarav”

“hi Madhu, I mean Madhumita. Actually Natasha, me and Madhu never talk to each other. She sits in first row…. ”

“He is either absent and if present prefers to be at last row in the class ” completed Madhu..

Natasha introduced Vishal “Madhu he is Vishal, THE VISHAL RANA, pride of our college, our nation, commonwealth silver medalist in 200 metre and of course now my guru, you can say. I practice with him in the morning. And Vishal this is my roommate Madhumita, a very charming and lively girl of our college, she is the favourite of all professors ”

Vishal replied ” charming is ok, but I dont think she is lively. She hardly speaks anything ” looking at Madhumita

These words of Vishal were adequate enough to give a blow to Madhumita’s ego which was lost after that night and made her dull. In her life, she was always chased by boys. Its the first time that a boy pointed at her flaw. She tried to give explanation

” ohh, no no, actually I had typhoid few days back, and that’s why little weakness”

Hearing this Natasha laughed “I was the one who diagnosed her typhoid, and now I think she will recover soon” all laughed (this time Madhu did laugh as well and it wasn’t fake).

The cocktails arrived with the beers. They all held their glasses and cheered and wished Natasha birthday again. Now Madhu was little conscious so that she is not labelled boring anymore, that too by super hot Vishal. Aarav ordered veg crisp triangles with cheese and salated cashew nuts as starters.

After their cocktails (which Madhu was not aware about that hers is a cocktail too) Madhu felt little relaxed. Aarav stood and asked Natasha to accompany him to dance floor. Natasha pointed at Madhu, “take her along, she is a wonderful dancer.” Aarav held Madhumita’s hands and they both went and danced on the DJ. With her gorgeous moves on dance floor, Madhu gained everyone’s attention sitting in the pub. Two boys came and joined the duo. All four danced really well. Madhumita waved at Natasha and hinted them to join as well. Vishal and Natasha too joined the group and danced to the beats of DJ.

Vishal and Natasha soon went back to their seats. Aarav continued with Madhu. Madhu was dancing her heart out. After almost 2 months of listless and depressive life, cheer did find its place on Madhu’s face. This time it was from within.

Aarav dragged Madhu back to their table. This time seats were exchanged. Vishal took his seat with Natasha and Madhumita sat with Aarav. Madhumita signaled that she wants to go to the washroom. Aarav accompanied her. After a while they both returned to their seats. Madhu was really enjoying the evening. Natasha offered beer to all and everyone again cheered her birthday (this time Madhu herself opted for beer).

“You know friends” initiated Madhu “Natasha I have gained weight during past few months. This dress was comfortable 2 months ago, but today I could fit in it with difficulty. Not comfortable enough, just because its your birthday I did manage. You all 3 are so fit, I am the only fat one” and laughed at herself

Aarav : Madhumita, you are the hottest girl in campus. Yaa….. you became little dull in past few months. If you realise it, why don’t you do anything to fix it”

Natasha : hey, Madhu, you can join us in mornings for workouts, it will keep you fit and its also helpful in relieving stress, see Aarav, it helped him a lot to relieve his stress.

Madhu: Aarav, stress…. stress, Aarav. Isko kaunsa stress hai, class to ata nai hai, dad is IPS. what kind of stress he has…. Iski bhi kisi ne le li kya… (madhu burst into laughter) she was accompanied by other 3 too.

Vishal : oye, Natasha, Madhu is really lively yaar. I thought she is very reserve types. (looking towards Aarav) bolo maharaj tumhari kisne li….

Aarav: saala, meri to mere baap ne le rakhi hai

Madhu: what, your dad is an IPS. Cream of the society. You are so lucky to have him as your dad. He has more than million followers on fb yaar, and he is so good looking and great personality. Dont mind but at this age too, he looks better than you. And you are so irresponsible in class yaar… I guess tumhari wazah se unki lagi padi hogi

Madhu laughed and this time only Vishal and Natasha did laugh not Aarav. Natasha realised the agony of Aarav “hey friends, joking apart, lets not be judgemental yaar. Upar wale ne sabke G me danda de rakha hai… Madhu please dont make fun of my dear Aarav” she stood and hugged Aarav and tapped his back and put her lips on his head.

Aarav: Thanks Natasha, and Madhu its a long story, will tell you some other time.

Madhu: ok Aarav and sorry dear if I hurt you

Madhu too hugged Aarav.

Aarav: so Madhu, you are coming tomorrow morning. A step towards fitter and hotter Madhu.

Madhu :yes, sure. I am in. New member of your fitness club.

Madhu raised her hand in the air.

After having dinner and having the best of her time with her new friends, Madhu felt very different. While they were returning back in the cab, she closed her eyes and felt lucky to have such persons in life. She was enthusiastic to join their fitness club. Why should I suffer……Why my life be dull….. The person who did everything deliberately is enjoying…. I have to make new goals, new decisions and follow new paths…. I will give my best…. Natasha was right, it was a safe sex with good experience and nothing else…. I did enjoy it…. But there’s more in life I can achieve…. She took out her mobile, clicked a selfie with a pout and uploaded it immediately on her Instagram and fb with a caption ” had the best time ever with my besties, life rocks”

Madhumita now got a new path, new goal in her life…..To be fit and happy. She realised that life has so much to offer. She has to be at receiving end and open to all options available.

Lets wait and see what course her life’s journey takes in next part….. Till then have a look on your journey of life…. With lots of love to all my readers…. 💕💕

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  1. Yes you are right Duniya Kay khaye gee ye Duniya Ko soochne do AAP aapne life aapne dhang se jio …wo bhi every moment Ko last moment samaj kar …


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