#1 MADHUMITA: Fall or Rise in Love

It was the freshers party night, thrown by 2nd year students to welcome their juniors. Everyone was enjoying but Madhumita did not turnup in the party. She had a dance presentation as lead lady from 2nd year group. Everyone looked around for her. Even her mobile was not reachable. Her roommate Natasha was also not aware about her whereabouts. She noticed that her friend Rohit is present and doesn’t look tense in her absence. He is the partner in her dance sequel as well. As Madhumita was not traceable, Rohit completed his act with the choreographer, as she was aware about the moves and steps.

After his performance Natasha went to Rohit.

“hi Rohit, where is Madhumita”

“how would I know” replied Rohit carelessly

“Ohh.. I thought she is your girlfriend, so I thought you may be aware” Natasha replied

“wait wait… She is my friend, not girlfriend Natasha.. please don’t spread rumors” winked Rohit with wikid smile at his friends

Natasha was surprised on Rohit’s response. But as it was manageable so no one bothered about Madhumita. Natasha was really worried for her, but as she was coordinator of the function, she could not do much but to ignore and work for the success of party.

At 2 am midnight, Natasha reached her room. Madhumita was lying on her bed completely covered by yellow floral top sheet.

“hey Madhu, you are here, thank God, I was so worried” sighed Natasha

Madhumita did not reply.

“are you ok madhu” Natasha moved closer to her..

“hmm” replied Madhumita in a very low tone.

“party was really awesome, everyone enjoyed” narrated Natasha

“hmm” Madhu replied

“hey Madhu , is everything okay between you and your friend Rohit”… She further added “Rohit very carelessly replied in the party when I did enquire about you. I thought you were his girlfriend ”

“hmm, no we are only friends ” replied Madhu . But Natasha could hear the weeping n sobs of Madhu under the top sheet.

“Madhu are you ok na dear.. If you want, you can share with me” offered Natasha to a shattered Madhumita.

“no” blatantly replied Madhu .

“hmm, you must be tired, its too late. I am also too tired. Lets sleep, we will talk tomorrow morning, ok…. Ok Madhu ” Natasha tried to console Madhu

“hmm” Madhu replied

Natasha changed her dress to her comfortable pyjama n T-shirt, and went to sleep… “feel free to wake me up if you require anything Madhu ” Natasha again offered support to Madhumita

Madhumita was persuing BA in Operational Research from DU. She hails from Kumayun region. As soon as she took admission, praises of her beauty were everywhere in the campus. Her dusky complexion with her deep eyes and dimples over cheek, waist length hairs, and sharp features made her the most talked about girl in freshers batch. Unware about this, she was one of the most sincere student with lots of respect towards her professors. Very soon Madhumita became the favourite student in her department and topic of hot discussion among boys in the campus.

Natasha was a rough and tough girl who got admission through sports kota. She was tall, smart, confident and determined towards her passion. Many boys in campus tried to follow her, but as she was focused only towards her game, running, no one could come closer to her. She comes from a middle class family of Haryana. The destiny brought Madhumita and Natasha closer as room mates. In other words, in campus, apart from her coach and Madhumita, Natasha never talked to anyone with ease.

Rohit was a management student. He was a handsome hunk 6 feet tall, black curly hairs, sexy body. He was an eye tonic to many girls in the campus. Many girls wanted to come close to him because of his rich background. He used to live alone in a 3 bhk apartment at Vasant kunj. His parents had a farm house in South Delhi. But most of the times they used to be in London because of business.

Once Madhumita was sitting in canteen with her colleagues, a boy came to her and offered red rose. Madhumita started crying at his gesture. It was difficult for her to handle this anymore, because every alternate day boys use to approach her for being their girl friend. Rohit came to her rescue and scolded that boy not to come close to her. Rohit made Madhumita feel comfortable with his charming personality and gentle behaviour. Gradually they started meeting in canteen and then they started hanging outside the campus too. They were the most talked about couple now in the campus. Everyone was eager to know what’s happening between the two. None of them ever talked about their relationship to anyone.

Madhumita never shared her date details among her friends, not even with her room mate. She always used to tell Natasha “why anyone else is interested to know about whats between me and Rohit. I mean we are friends and thats enough. My relationship with anyone, be it you or Rohit are not for others entertainment and gossiping.” Natasha really liked Madhumita’s opinion regarding privacy in any relationship.

Many times Rohit and Madhumita used to be together at his apartment, but Rohit never tried to come closer to her physically. They both used to talk, laugh and enjoy each others company. Madhumita was totally in love with her hostel life and trusted him blindly after knowing him for almost 9 months.

Madhumita did not sleep the whole night. Natasha got up early as usual and went for her practice. When Natasha returned, she found Madhumita in same pose on her bed.

“good morning Madhu, how are you” Natasha greeted Madhu in positive tone.

“hmm” replied Madhu with a heavy voice

Natasha understood that Madhu is in no mood to talk. She took a bath and went to mess for breakfast and moved from there to her classes. She returned back in afternoon to find Madhu still in bed covered under a sheet.

“Hey, you had lunch?” enquired Natasha

“hmm” replied Madhu

Natasha could now make out that there is something to bother. But as Madhu herself is not willing to share, she did not push her much. At night, Natasha brought dinner from mess for Madhu

“have it, or you will not be left with enough energy to weep” Natasha offered Madhu dinner

“I am not hungry” replied Madhu.

Natasha kept the plate on table and left the room saying “I am going for a walk”

As soon as Natasha stepped out of room, door closed, Madhu got up and ate the food, she had eaten nothing since yesterday morning. Before Natasha was back, she again went into her bed and covered herself completely.

The same events repeated for another 7 days. Madhu did not step out of her room. Her eyes were swollen because of continuous tears. Natasha could not stop herself anymore. It was a Sunday morning. Natasha did not go for morning workup.

“Madhu everyone in college is asking about you. Now I find it difficult to convince them that you are ill” Natasha sat on her chair with a mug of coffee.

“even your HOD is asking that why are you missing the classes, should I tell them the truth, or you are going to tell me something”

“no, please” Madhu replied

“or should I contact your parents and tell them that you are not well” Natasha said

“No no Please” Madhu sat in her bed “dont call my parents….. Please”

“so, you are going to tell me” commanded Natasha offering her coffee

Madhu started narrating in low voice..

The day before freshers party, me and Rohit went to his appartment as it was his birthday and he said he wants to celebrate it with me this year. He said his parents are in London and he doesn’t want a big event as next day is freshers party, so lets keep it simple.

On the way he ordered cake and pizza. When we reached his appartment, few minutes later cake n pizza were delivered. I was too comfortable with his birthday celebration idea as next day’s freshers party is going to be an extravagant event.

“Rohit, why you didn’t tell me a day earlier. I couldn’t even bring you a gift” Madhu said while arranging candles on cake

“Its OK. You are here with me on my birthday, its a very special gift in itself for me. And I have something for you”

Rohit presented Madhu a gift wrapped in red paper with tiny white hearts on it. Madhumita was amazed “whats this” holding it and turning it around.

“Your return gift, my dear friend, to make my birthday special. Open it please. I want that while cutting cake, you be donned in it.” Rohit was eager to see Madhu’s reaction

Madhumita opened it and was stunned to see a red net knee length dress “Rohit, its awesome. But what was the need…”

Rohit put his finger on Madhu’s lips indicating “shhh….. please wear it today for me”

Rohits request was unavoidable. Madhu went to another room and changed. It looked perfect on her. She made her hairs into a bun with one flick on right cheek.

“Madhu, its looking perfect. Wow, let me click you” Rohit took out his mobile and clicked Madhu. “Thanks again Madhu”

Madhu was feeling awesome and special too for her friend Rohit. “Lets cut the cake and start the celebration” Madhu looked at the dark chocolate cake on centre table in living room

Rohit cut the cake and Madhu sung birthday song for him. Rohit went to kitchen and brought a Champagne with two glasses. “Now starts the real celebration” Rohit told

“Rohit you know I don’t drink. Please dont offer me this” Madhu pointed towards the glass

Rohit popped the cork and poured the white sparkling liquid in 2 glasses and offered to Madhu “This is not alcohol, its champagne, beautiful ladies cant say no to it, otherwise it gets hurt and heartbroken” flirted Rohit while taking his seat adjacent to Madhu.

Madhu couldn’t resist and agreed. They enjoyed the Champagne with roasted cashews. Madhu again apologised to Rohit for not having gift and promised that she will give it to him after freshers night. Rohit took Madhu’s hand in his own and looked at her and replied “you are my gift…(after a pause) I mean that your friendship is my best gift ever”

Smiled Madhu. Rohit came closer to her and put his lips on her hands.

Madhu could not understand anything and tried pulling her hands off him, but Rohit held them tightly with fingers intermingled. He came even closer to her face. Madhu moved her face away and could even manage to take her hands away. She stood up as a reflex. Rohit too stood up and went close to her. He held Madhu’s face in his hands and looked directly at her eyes. Madhu was not able to make an eye contact and fixed her gaze towards the floor. They could feel each others breath.

Rohit put his lips on her forehead, then eyes and cheeks. Madhu did no effort to resist because she herself wanted to submit to Rohit as an expression of love.Her heart told her that its perfect event to express her heart out to Rohit. As Rohit’s lips came closer to her, she turned away as her mind and heart were in a state of conflict.

She did turn away because her mind was commanding her to stay away. But her heart wanted to shower her love on Rohit, so she stood there only.

Rohit held her shoulders from behind and her heart won the battle. He unzipped her dress from behind, opened her bun and her dress flipped off. She turned around, and hugged Rohit. Rohit put his lips on hers and they were tightly locked. To express her feelings towards Rohit, which she never shared with anyone, not even with Rohit, she submitted herself completely to him.

Next day morning she woke up, to find herself in Rohit’s room in his bed. She could not find her clothes around . Her head was banging. She wrapped a sheet around her and looked for her mobile to call Natasha that she will be reaching the freshers venue in an hour. It was discharged. Then she took Rohit’s mobile and as soon as she was dialling Natasha’s number, there flashed a WhatsApp notification from Aarav, Rohit’s friend

Aarav: finally you got her,congrats bro for your 11th victory, party tonight.

Madhu was stunned. She opened whatsapp and clicked on Aarav.

Aarav : bro, hows ur party. Your plan worked or not

Rohit : my plan never fails. I invested 9 months on her. She was tricky but finally got her. She is the number 11. Mission Madhumita complete and that too thrice, one in living room and twice on my bed

Before Madhumita could understand anything, Rohit entered room with coffee mugs and toast. He sat near Madhu and offered her coffee.

“Madhu I know you will be upset about what ever happened last night. I understand that none of us was ready for this. It all happened because we were not in our senses. I am really sorry, we are friends, and don’t want to ruin our friendship because of one silly night, that too when we were not in our control. I will never tell anyone about it, you too please don’t share it with anyone. We are friends and will remain the same. I hope you understand ”

Madhumita could now understand everything. The night which was meant to be special for her, is silly for Rohit, because he never had any feelings for her. She was only a target that too 11th. She was in a state of anguish and could not even react. She was heart broken.

Rohit dropped her outside the hostel and also handed over the packet containing the pretty red net dress. She walked to her room in a robotic state. Her mind started commanding her, even abused her heart too. She was in a state of conflict between her mind and heart all these 8 days.

Finally she got some courage to face herself and narrated her heart out to Natasha.





Now what, will Madhu be able to get out of this conflict with herself. If yes, how. If no, whats her fate. I will be coming soon with Madhumita’s journey of life.

12 thoughts on “#1 MADHUMITA: Fall or Rise in Love

  1. Nice Swati…whenever i read your blog i find myself very much involved in the story..its ur writing skills only which keep characters so lively.
    Best of luck.😊


  2. It is heart touching story but lesson for innocent girls who trust blindly on such shrude guy.
    This incident can never forget Madhumita.
    Yr presentation of story show you r creative. Keep start writing


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