Ego and Love, love fails

Life seemed so beautiful as I achieved what I was aspiring for, MBBS seat in AI CBSE PMT (although now I realise that there is no destination in life, infact its a continuous journey). Considering the direct connectivity by train, Aurangabad was the choice in the options available in counselling.

I joined the college in August 1999, the session was already underway. The first periodical exams were to start after 4 days. I had no time to settle in a new city, professional college and my new life. We all started preparing for exams because the result will be counted in internal assessment of final university exams. Our immediate seniors helped us in our anatomy exam preparation (its considered one of the difficult subjects in MBBS ).

Day in day out, we studied for our exams, trying to give our best. After many days of exhaustive studies and exams, we felt so much relaxed on last day. As recreational activity we planned to go for a movie (whats better than a movie plan in hostel life that too after exams).

TAAL, we were excited to watch this latest Subhash Ghai directed movie starring Aishwarya Rai, Akshay Khanna and Anil kapoor. It was raining, but we girls managed to go to Nupur theatre for 3 pm show after having quick lunch at our mess. We all wanted to celebrate our MBBS admission, which was left in between because of our unexpected exams.

I enjoyed the first half of movie. The romance of Mansi (Aishwarya) and Manav (Akshay Khanna). The innocent love blooming on Himalayas with soul touching music. Then the twist of misunderstanding by Manav and how his ANGER and EGO defeated his ‘so called love’. I mean how could he not give his love a single chance to explain whatever happened. Every person deserves a chance to give explanation, to keep his or her point of view.

I was happy infact that Mansi in time gets to know the truth about Manav’s love for her. Although she was hurt, but because of Manav’s betrayal, she got the opportunity to meet Vikrant Kapoor (Anil Kapoor) and prove to herself what she is. The man who believed in Mansi and stood by her and her baba. He trusted dad-daughter talent and invested his energy to make them a success.

Vikrant supported Mansi when she was broken by her so called true lover. I really wonder that she considered Manav as her true love. The person who did not give her even a single chance to explain or even put forward her point.

What would have happened if Manav could never come across the truth of insult of Mansi and her baba. How they were used by his dad in the deal, and how they were made to sit outside their house and treated as beggars. He would never have realised the blunder because he did not trust Mansi.

The end I could not digest then and after almost 20 years later, now also, I really wonder why that end to such a wonderful movie. Why Mansi left Vikrant for Manav. I mean as per my opinion real love was by Vikrant as he was not attracted by the beauty of Mansi but because of she as a person. He acknowledged her worth and love for her when they worked together.

Manav was infatuated by the beauty of Mansi. It was not love because he could not understand the personality of Mansi as he was only attracted by her beauty and could never see her as a person beyond her face.

Mansi was also wrong because she felt rejected by Manav, a rejection that she was not responsible for. When Manav approached her again, she felt this as her victory, victory that now Manav is missing her.

At that time, I was of the opinion that Mansi made decision out of ego satisfaction and not love. After 20 years, now I am double sure that she was wrong in her decision to tie nuptial knot with Manav.

I felt that the end reflects that the love lost the battle against ego. Emotional attachment lost against infatuation.

11 thoughts on “Ego and Love, love fails

  1. & 20 years down the line , you still remember the name of that theatre …. No doubt you were our topper Swati …. & Of course, I like your perspective on Taal… Never thought about that movie in this way ! Keep writing girl 🤗


  2. Nicely written dear.i find some people spend whole life satisfying their Ego & living without Love. They were once blessed with True love but they couldn’t handle it and eventually , loose it and then rest of their lives -they are just living loveless life- out of Ego.and they say- kise se pyar karna hamare bas mai nhe, but us pyar se dur chale jana humare bas mai hai. They not only Ruined their life but the life of the one who love them.

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  3. Beautiful thoughts.
    But as Lord Krishna says to Arjuna in mahabharat that , he Parth, girls are attracted and infatuated to many things in young age; Go and hv courage to take Subhadra.
    Actually many time love is confused with attraction. Passion is so huge at this age that makes young buddies vulnerable to such attractions.
    After 20 yrs, u may think so but decision taken by Mansi is inevitable and natural.


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